Shredded Pork Enchiladas

I like enchiladas. Thursday nights is usually tacos for Mandi and I, but occasionally we veer into other tex/mex/southwest foods instead. Last Thursday we did enchiladas for the premier of The Office. I realized I never posted enchiladas here, so here it is! We must have been in a baking/layering/casserole type mood cause we made lasagna a few days later.

Pork Shoulder

Pork in a pot with a few dried chiles, crushed garlic, onions, bay leaves, chipotle, cumin seeds, salt and pepper. Fill with water. I also added some leftover vegetable stock. Bring this to a simmer and cover halfway. Simmer it for 2 hours.

When the pork is almost ready, start the enchilada sauce. This is just onions and oil in a pan.

Add some garlic, then a tablespoon of flour. Whisk this with a fork or whisk to remove lumps.

Add a tin of green chiles.

This is one bag of dried chiles. I think they were New Mexican. I soaked them for about a half hour.

Add to pan, water and all.

Little tomato paste. I meant to do this before adding the water, this was still ok though.

Add some oregano, chile powder and cumin.

Pork out of the water. It sort of looks like a really big ham hock now doesn’t it?

Shredded with the 2 fork method.

The beans are from a can and rinsed, the corn from the freezer. Salt these and have them ready.

A little of the cooking juice onto the pork to keep it moist.

Reduce Reduce Reduce.

Blend it up.

Look at the color on that!

Oh yea, did I mention I don’t like to roll up enchiladas? I like to lay it all out like a lasagna.

Layers were: sauce, corn tortillas, sauce, pork, corn and beans, cheddar and jack, repeat once, then do more tortillas on top then cheese.

Pork cooking liquid:
Dried Chile
Bay Leaf

Simmer for 2 hours, then shred meat.

Enchilada Sauce:
Put dried chiles into water and soak, half hour.
Cook diced onions in oil.
Add garlic, 30 seconds, then Tbsp flour and stir fast to break lumps. Cook 5 min.
Add tin green chiles and tomato paste. Cook 3 minutes.
Add dried chilies and soaking water. Cook on med-high and reduce for about 10 / 15 minutes.