Servin MC’s on a platter like a Baked Alaskan

I wanted to do this recipe after the Beastie Boys post because that is one of the funnier food lines by them, and also because of the Adrock / Sara Moulton connection. Unfortunately, I should have tried Pannenkoeken instead because Mandi and I found out we aren’t the biggest meringue fans. I thought I was eating an egg white omelet filled with ice cream and brownies. However, the idea was pretty awesome and I think I will revisit this recipe down the line with some neat altercations I thought of. I’m not marking this as a failure, because it came out how it was supposed to, we just don’t like meringue all that much. If you flavored the meringue more heavily, or if you just like it plain, this dish was surprisingly easy and would be impressive at a dinner party. Most of it is do ahead except for whipping the egg whites which is easy. Even the brownie recipe was simple and the whole mess only cost about 10 bucks.

Bittersweet chocolate on a double boiler

Wisking in some eggs… can we zoom in a bit here?

Damn Mandi! Nice camerawork!

Did I tell you guys that this is the night before yet? Yea, this needs to go in the freezer at least 4 hours but in our case, overnight. The brownies need to cool to room temp.


Making the brownie into an insulating base.

A cup of egg whites.

That amount of salt in my hand.

Half a lemons juice.

Hmmm… it’s not supposed to be this drippy. Ours came out a little sloppy, but there was definitely still plenty of solid icecream on the inside. If it wasn’t already dripping at this point, it would have been better though. I think we open our freezer too much so it becomes ineffective.

Stiff Peaks

This is supposed to be on a platter, but we didn’t have any platters big enough, let alone oven safe! But both Mike D, and Sara M specify platters.

Mandi started gettin cray with the meringue and I had to grab the spatula from her and throw the thing in the oven. 450. 6 minutes.

Hey wave. I like your froth. Say hi to your family for me ok?


What you don’t get it? Come on!

Ok fine, the boat is from the perfect storm poster cause the meringue looks like a wave! Duh. And Mark Walberg was in perfect storm. And Andy Sandburg did a hilarious impression of him on SNL a few weeks ago. Jeez people wake up. Its Friday. Its not funny anymore when I have to explain these references to you.

Meh, I mean I guess it was pretty good, but mostly the brownie and ice cream. Also it could have held together better. Google image baked Alaska and see how awesome those look.

Phew. That was hard. I made it through a whole baked Alaskan post without making a Sarah Palin joke!

The recipe is here. As I said yesterday. This is the recipe mentioned in the lyrics booklet in “to the five boroughs” right after mike says that line.