Pizza Week Plus – Leftovers

Leftover pizza ravioli are a fairly new addition to our pizza making tradition that I am sure will be around for awhile because this meal was awesome. We took all of the leftover pizza toppings and stuck them into pasta dough and used the leftover sauce to eat them with. I can’t take any credit, this was all Mandi’s idea and I can’t thank her enough cause it was really great.

And be sure to check out the rest of pizza week for the dough and sauce recipes and the other pizza cooking methods!

Pizza Week Menu:

Day 1: Dough and Sauce

Day 2: Toppings
Day 3: Grill-Oven
Day 4: Brick Oven
Day 5: Party Pics

PWPlus: Breakfast Pizza
PWPlus: Leftover Pizza Ravioli

You guys have seen us make fresh pasta before many times. You know the recipe. 3 cups flour, 4 eggs, dash of olive oil and salt. Use the well method.

Keep incorporating the flour slowly. Let the pasta take on as much flour as it needs. Let the pasta make the decisions around here.

This needs to rest for a half hour. It’s tired from making all those decisions.

Don’t worry about that bowl with the red X over it. That was some ricotta and tomatoes we were going to use but decided it went bad. The rest of these bowls and packages are leftover pizza ingredients from the night before.

We just combined the proper things and cut them all up small. Here you can see the salami arugula pizza leftovers becoming a salami and arugula ravioli.

We added Mozzarella to these.

Pepperoni and onion.

No way!

Yes way! Bacon-Pineapple-Jalapeno Ravioli!

The margherita ravioli with fresh mozz.

Cheesesteak ravioli. I googled this to see if there is such a thing and I saw that there was one at the taste of buffalo this past year. This is a picture of it I guess? I’m gonna say that ours were better cause that looks like soup.

Looks like everything is ready to go! Left to right we have cheesesteak, BPJ, margherita, pep/onion, feta/olive, and salami/arugula. The feta and olives was the only one that wasn’t a true pizza to begin with, they were the only leftover parts of the gyro pizza. The ravioli with this mixture was the only failure of this group, the rest were fantastic. The feta and olive ones were a bit too strong and could have used some chicken or less filling to calm it down a bit.

Beginning to knead and roll the dough.

You can’t make these pasta sheets too thin because the filling is somewhat wet. The BPJ filling was particularly wet with the pineapples and all and we had some skin breakages but were lucky to not lose any of these guys. If I remember correctly, we took it down to a 6 on our roller.


A little water to help it stick. NO egg!

Add plenty of flour here. It helps them not stick and also helps the pineapple not cut through the pasta. When making tortellini for soup, you can’t add excess flour because you cook them in the soup and the flour would get all in the broth and not be good, but here I wont be using the cooking water for anything so it doesn’t matter how much flour I add.

More ambitious round 2.

You have to squeeze as much air out as you can. Sometimes its easier after you cut them.

I am carrying them to the boiling water. I have a spider, but I find it too sharp to use on the raw pasta. I only use it to take them out of the water.

When they start to float after only a minute or two, put them directly into the heated sauce.

We did these in batches of 10 or so.

Yum. This is the focaccia from yesterday.

This meal was awesome. It was cool to have a surprise with each bite cause you didn’t know which one you were getting. I suppose one downside was if you had 3 or 4 of one kind, you had to eat cautiously and trade ravioli if you didn’t get an even amount of each kind. but then again, it was kinda like playing a card game with your food, so that was fun.