Pizza Week – Day 5: Party Pics

“It’s so hot. Burn your mouth.
Scar tissue. Make you go “ow!”
Cheese must cool and congeal.
Slice with a coke is a no joke meal.
It’s a quick bite that can’t be beat.
It’s a pie chart that you can eat.
It’s a done deal if you don’t delete,
so bust the calories with the pizza beat.
No oregano bits in your pretty little smile.
Not even garlic bread. No Chi-town style.”
mc chris

If you haven’t clicked on any of the links for the songs, please at least check out this one! Anyway, today is sort of unfocused. I have a bunch of random pictures from pizza parties we have had over the years that I wanted to post as a thanks to everyone we have had over and a cap to pizza week. Don’t be sad about the end of pizza though, there will be leftovers next week starting Tuesday when I get back from Boston

Pizza Week Menu:

Day 1: Dough and Sauce
Day 2: Toppings
Day 3: Grill-Oven
Day 4: Brick Oven
Day 5: Party Pics

PWPlus: Breakfast Pizza
PWPlus: Leftover Pizza Ravioli

I look sketchy.

Sheer joy! haha love the jello shot in the picture.

I miss our old view.

And our old backyard. But the new place is way better.

Thats David waiting with his plate.

Sometimes you have to do a pizza dance. Francine is worried I am going to drop it.

Manly picture if I’ve ever seen one. That tool is perfect for oven lighting purposes. I found it in a closet.

People grab the slices pretty quick as soon as they are cut. This is a cell phone video someone shot of everyone grabbing the pizza in less then 30 seconds and scraping the remains off of the cutting board.

This pizza we tried rolling out to make it thin and crispy. An interesting option. It was tasty and different.

I don’t even know whats on this one.

Thanks everyone for checking out pizza week! there will be more pizza posts from time to time now that I have dropped this knowledge. New toppings or other Ideas I have. Also be sure to come back tuesday pizza fans for the aftermath!