Pizza Week! – Day 2: Toppings

“Where’d the cheese go? I don’t know.” –Ween

My pizza repertoire continues to grow with each party I hold. It seems like at each go-around someone will have a genius idea of something new we want to put onto a pizza. Here is a list of what I have done so far. Just to clarify, every pizza on here except the last two use tomato sauce from the last post and the Italian blend cheese shown here. Just because I don’t mention it in the ingredient list doesn’t mean it isn’t there.

Two side notes: First, incase you are wondering about the two different kitchens in the pictures, these photos were taken over many pizza parties which spanned a move to my new apartment. And second, if you noticed that everything seems even messier than usual in the shots… don’t judge me. I mean come on these are pizza PARTIES of course they get a little messy!

Pizza Week Menu:

Day 1: Dough and Sauce
Day 2: Toppings
Day 3: Grill-Oven
Day 4: Brick Oven
Day 5: Party Pics

PWPlus: Breakfast Pizza
PWPlus: Leftover Pizza Ravioli

I’m going to begin today talking about the cheese blend. Grating your own cheese makes for an infinitely better taste and meltability. (hey if bud light can make up words, so can I) so I HIGHLY recommend it. But if you are in a pinch, a bag of Italian blend will do. I blend mostly mozzarella, with some provolone, fontina, asiago, and parmesan. This is the basic blend for most of our pizzas but for some of the special ones we switch it up with jack(taco), provolone(cheesesteak), or even cheddar sometimes(taco, craig special).


I always insist on starting with the margherita, but I think it is a good way for people to get acquainted with the pizza. The problem is that people are usually hungry, starting to get drunk, and already yelling for cheeesteak.

Everyone knows the margherita pizza. Cook the pizza with sauce and fresh mozzarella. Add basil after it comes out of the oven.

Pepperoni and Onion

This Pizza is pretty self explanatory. We like the way red onion tastes with pepperoni. Slice the onion so it stays in rings if you can.

I guess we couldn’t that day.

Sausage, Peppers, and Onions

Another classic combo

Put toppings in convenient baggies you can grab easily. On the left is celery, but that’s another pizza.

If you can’t find good sausages(cause you live on an island), make your own! This is just ground pork loin. Most sausages are shoulder, but we couldn’t get it that day. Honestly, putting this on a pizza, the lean meat actually tasted great… It wasn’t dry like I expected because there was plenty of sauce and cheese. Try this on a pizza and you will be happy. This is just garlic, paprika, coriander, cumin, fennel, salt, pepper, crushed pepper flakes, oregano, and some butter.

Mix it up nice and put it in the fridge overnight.

After letting it all hang out together overnight, cook it up. Then you can put it in a fresh container and back in the fridge until pizza time. It goes best with chopped bell peppers and onions.

Salami with Arugula

Probably my new favorite pizza!

Salami and cheese cooked in. Add the arugula after.

Bacon, Lettuce, Tomato

I really like this pizza, but it isn’t that popular at the parties, so it often gets pushed aside. Cook the bacon ahead of time, and also shred some lettuce and lightly dress it with mayo. When you are ready to make the pizza, put the bacon and some thinly sliced tomatoes on. Put it in the oven, then when it comes out, top it with the lettuce.

Cook extra bacon for the next pizza too.

Bacon, Pineapple, JalapeƱo

I love this pizza!!!!! I can’t get enough of it. Just the thought of it is causing a serious craving. I never liked Hawaiian pizzas. Ham is sort of sweet, and combined with the pineapple, it was too one note for me. Change that ham to bacon for that extra salty flavor, and add jalapenos for a kick and you have one of the best pizzas around.

buy a whole pineapple please. It tastes soo much better! And it only takes a minute to break down.

Haha. This looks like a sloppy one.

Chicken Gyro

A fairly new addition.

Chicken marinated in some oil, lemon juice, oregano, garlic, salt, pepper, and chiles.

Pitting olives.

Making garlic chips

The pizza is chicken(diced small, I hate big chunks of chicken on a pizza!), olive tapenade, and feta before cooking, and garlic chips and taziki after cooking. If you want to see more detailed info on how to make all these parts, check out this post.

Thai Green Curry

I rarely make this pizza because it is more work than most, but it is really tasty and would be perfect if you made the curry for dinner the night before and used the leftovers on the pizza.

For better help making the curry paste, go here. Just marinate strips of beef in it, then cook them in a frying pan.

Top the pizza with bean sprouts and cilantro.


The perfect pizza. Most commonly requested, most delicious, and still fairly easy to make. For details on how to cook the onions and meat, check here.

Bring it to this point, and put the beef/onion mix into a container

Put some extra provolone on this one.

Buffalo Chicken

Tied with Cheesesteak for most requested, the buffalo chicken pizza is a big hit.

Buffalo sauce is half cayenne sauce(franks red hot is one brand) and half melted butter.

Any, all, or none of these things can help a buffalo sauce. It depends on how I’m feeling that day.(that’s cayenne and chili powder on the left.

Sometimes I bread and fry fresh chicken tenderloins. I do this if less people are coming over.

If it’s a big party, I use these. I still deep fry them though because they taste much better.

Fresh out of the oil, dip them into the sauce and then guess what? Yep, put them in a container for later use! I have a lot of containers.

Add some celery, and a swirl of blue cheese, and you have yourself a pizza.


I have said that a bunch of pizzas are my favorite so far. I’m sorry, but really who are you to judge? Pizzas are like children, you love them all the best

Fry up some taco meat the way you normally would. I don’t use a packet, but you can if you want. How do I do it? You can see here.

Thinly slice some corn tortillas.

I suppose you can use a bag of chips for this, but then you wouldn’t be as cool as me.

The corn strips chillin with the garlic chips from earlier.

Some scallions and cilantro.

Salsa for the sauce. There is some normal tomato sauce on here too. We usually put the scallions and cilantro on after cooking but sometimes there is a mixup in the pizza process. It happens.

Put on the corn strips and some diced avocado after it cooks.

Craig Special

No pics of the craig special. This pizza does have a story though. I invited a few friends over for pizza and as usual, asked what they like for toppings. I mentioned buffalo chicken, cheesesteak, etc., but they came back with “pickles, broccoli, and pepperoni.”  Really? Yep. And guess what? It was delicious! I now make it at every pizza party and it even has some serious fans that get angry if it doesn’t show up.

White Pizza

Pretty much the margherita, but instead of sauce, olive oil and minced garlic.


If you have leftover dough but everyone is full, make a pizza round, but don’t make it quite as thin as usual. Top it with some olives, garlic, olive oil, VERY little cheese, and maybe a few pieces of onion and pop it in the oven. Have it with dinner the next night.

Now THAT’S a bubble cell definition I can get on board with.

This is what the refrigerator looks like just before a pizza party. Lots of containers!

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