Thai Green Curry Soup

Two curries in a row?  Sorry if this bothers people, but my posts are kind of all over the place and I need to organize them.  This was a random weeknight meal we decided to make as work was coming to an end one afternoon. It turned out to be a really simple and really great meal. The dumplings were not needed, and actually made the soup much more effort. If you still want meat, make the dumpling filling and cook it in the pot before adding the curry paste.

Lemongrass. What do you do with it?? Well, if you are just trying to impart flavor like a bay leaf, and taking it out after, you can use the entire thing. If you are leaving it in the dish like we are today, you need to only use the good stuff.

Cut it in half the long way.

Take out the inner piece. You know it is the good stuff cause it isn’t hard and woody like the rest of the lemongrass. When you chop it, it doesn’t get stringy. It is flexible in your hand.

You have seen us make this green curry before. The directions are here. I love this recipe because it is pretty easy and tastes fantastic! It is really versatile and I have used it on pizza and in multiple other places.

We made pretty standard dumplings for this soup. Ground pork, Scallions, Cilantro, Salt, Pepper.

Interesting picture… things to note: 1. We still do prep on the coffee table sometimes, even though we have a nice new kitchen and it isn’t even in the same room!! 2. Rachael is having a bad hair day? 3. Where’s the fire?

Other times I have made this, I keep the curry paste a bit thicker. Today I wanted the soup to be really thin so I turned the blender on and left it for a long time.

After frying the paste in the pan on its own for 2 minutes, we added coconut milk and chicken stock and let it cook for 20 minutes.

Then we added some good stuff.

The Soup was delicious, but as I said before, didn’t really need the dumplings.