Quick Cauliflower Curry

I haven’t quite put my finger on the word curry and its meaning. Wikipedia is no help really. For one, it’s a spice, but the spice is really a blend of other spices. Second, there are curry leaves which are a mystery to me, because wouldn’t you think curry powder would be made from this curry tree? Third, it is a name for hundreds of dishes from all over Asia that are completely different from each other! When I first started having curries, I only liked Thai curry, so as I made a few, I started to think that the meaning of curry had to do with mixing a blended paste with coconut milk, and simmering. After making a few Indian curries as well, my current definition of curry is: Curry: Any dish where you puree a bunch of sh*7 including lots of spices BEFORE cooking. Can anyone help me on that definition? I think it’s pretty accurate, but I am guessing it will become even vaguer as I continue making curry from different areas.

Anyway, today I have a quick, healthful, and delicious weeknight meal for you to check out. I saw the recipe for the cauliflower on the food and wine website a few days ago, thought it would be good with fish, and made it that night.

Break up the cauliflower into chunks, it dosnt have to be the same size. I like different sizes because I like some to be still crunchy, but others to be fully cooked.

The recipe calls to blend coriander, cumin, and half the red onion. I also added some salt, pepper, and one and a half jalapenos, seeds and all. I wanted it to be hot! Since the recipe calls for diced jalapenos to cook with the other onions, I thought it would be ok.

Pouring the puree into the cooking onions and jalapenos.

This looks gross.

Ok it looks delicious again! This is after the adding water step.

I also added turmeric, for color and because I like the taste with cauliflower. You have to add a lot cause turmeric is kinda bland.

Tomatoes go in at the end.

The fish was grilled with salt and pepper and nothing else. The herb is cilantro and important! The only thing this dish was missing was a squeeze of lemon over everything at the end. Other than that it was delicious!!

Again, the recipe is here, I added more jalapenos, including some in the blender, seeds and all. I also added turmeric to the pan after the water when everything was simmering.