Peruvian Night – Part 1

A friend of mine keeps telling me he is going to make ceviche. He grew up in Peru, and the plan was to have a Peruvian dinner at my place. We finally planned to do it on a Saturday afternoon. Amy was making a potato side dish, and Sebastian would make his now infamous ceviche. Just before we were supposed to start, we all got a text. Sebastian was stuck at a volunteer event and was unsure if he would make it. We sprang into quick recovery mode and grabbed some meats and veg for the grill.

Which is not a potato? Touch it.

Amy saved space by boiling the potatos and eggs in the same pot. I was skeptical because people online have very serious directions for hard boiling eggs(start in cold water, bring to a boil, remove from heat and leave covered for EXACTLY 7 minutes, ice bath, spin on its side 5 and a half rotations, juggle 3 eggs for 4 minutes or until cracked), but these came out just fine.


Lime juice and olive oil finished this marinade.

Local swordfish caught yesterday.

Marinating asparagus and swordfish, into the fridge.

Dry rub for the steaks. Course salt, pepper, whole cumin seeds, cayenne. Slightly crushed. Then some lime zest. Cover the steaks with this mixture and leave them at room temperature for a half hour before grilling.

Ingredients for the sauce that goes on the potatoes

These are Peruvian potatoes with a spicy cream sauce. Or “Papas a la Huancaina”

While the steaks cooked, Amy made a classic Peruvian cocktail, a pisco sour. Unfortunatly, there was no pisco so she used grappa.

This drink uses an egg white to make it frothy. I am not a fan of the pisco sour, but other people were.

The final dish.

We randomly decided to have a picnic in our yard.

As dusk arrived and we were finishing our plates, we heard the familiar sound of a moped pulling in my driveway. Who could it be but Sebastian with all the ingredients for ceviche!! Looks like it is going to be a long night! To be continued…

Papas a la Huancaina

Pisco sour

Lime Zest
Lime Juice
Olive Oil

Cumin seeds
Lime Zest
Coarse Salt
Coarse Pepper