Italian Donuts

Store hours in Bermuda have caused me to be pretty creative a few times before. When everything is closed, my fridge is empty, and I am hungry, my first thought is often flour. I remembered Giada making some donuts with leftover pizza dough and I set to work.

Normally I make pizza dough with an overnight rise. Today I did not have time.

The yeast is foamy.

This rose for an hour.

Then these rose for another half hour. Don’t look at that mess over there!! It was late night and I was tired! And yes I eat ramen. I eat a lot of things you don’t know about…

Powdered sugar and cinnamon.

These were way too big, but they were also delicious.

Drying out for a minute.

Dense, chewy, doughy, delicious.

Check out her recipe here. She uses store bought pizza dough. I made some with about a cup of water, half tablespoon of yeast, and a little more than a cup of flour. And some salt and sugar and a few rises.

You could dip these into tomato sauce if you wanted cause they were kinda like fried dough. Hmmm maybe I should make fried dough soon…