Holiday Weekend Risotto

On a holiday such as Labor day in Bermuda, all of the stores are closed. On Sundays, stores are only open a few hours, so if you miss that short window, a Monday holiday can be tough. A lot of times we will go out to eat because we are unable to get any cooking supplies. Since we just moved, I was excited to see some new stores in the area. I called one and they said they were open. Considering that they have another branch near my old apartment that is one of my favorite stores on the island, I figured it would be a large store with everything available. When we got there it was tiny and had little to no fresh produce or meats. We had to pull together an idea of a meal with a meager selection. When I saw the ageing (not in a good way) meats, I immediately started thinking what I had at home. Some leftover bacon from breakfast, a few chicken tenderloins in the freezer, I can work with that. We went to the pasta section and my eye caught risotto. Lets go get some spinach! Nope, they had neither fresh nor frozen. Ok ok, hmmmm. We bought some canned artichokes, chickpeas, and surprisingly good feta and headed out.

I like to cut bacon right into the pot.

Cook the bacon and chicken in the pan first.

Remove but leave rendered fat in the pot.

cook onions until translucent, then add garlic.

Add rice and stir to coat. Then add the white wine, and slowly add chicken stock. Add the stock ladle by ladle and stir risotto until it has been absorbed into the rice.

This was the only bread they had so we topped it with olives and feta and baked it for 10 minutes.

These are all the ingredients that go in towards the end of the cooking. The numbers represent the order they are put into the risotto, red means when the heat is still on, and black means after the heat is turned off.