Fajitas: The Perfect Meal for One

Fajitas! I have always loved them. They were a common dinner at my house when I was younger. Fajitas are pretty easy to make, and when I was on my own for dinner recently, I realized it is a perfect meal to cook for only one person! Follow these 12 simple steps, and you can eat Fajitas in less then an hour, with very minimal effort, and NO CLEANUP! You only use one small dish, one large dish, one knife, fork, and spoon. If you don’t have a grill, you will also have to dirty one pan, skillet, or grillpan, to cook the steak in the center, and the peppers/onions on the sides. This quick one-off fajita was delicious, but not my ideal fajita. Stay tuned after the quick version to see the more involved one to make with friends.

Step 1. Fire up the grill. Whats up with that pile of bricks in the background you ask?  Don’t worry about it, you will find out eventually, stay tuned!

Step 2. Lay out your mise. Aluminum foil, 1 onion, one pepper, one New York strip, chips, salsa.

Step 3. Go ahead and grab a chip with some salsa. You deserve it, you had a long day at work!

Step 4. Season that steak with some salt, pepper, and chili powder.

As I said before, you do not even need a cutting board. Cut your pepper and onion into large strips over the foil. If you stand them up, you don’t even need to touch the foil. I guess this means step 5 is cut the veg.

Step 6. Grab another delicious bite of chips and salsa. MMMMMM soo good. I hope you washed your hands after grabbin up on that steak.

Step 7. Rub some salt, pepper, and butter around on the vegetables

Step 8. Wrap the veg in foil. I put another piece over the top here and wrapped it around so it was all covered.

Step 9. Throw the steak on the grill, and the veg packet straight on the coals.

After 20 minutes, mine wasn’t as dark as I hoped it would be. One problem was I was anxious and flipped it 4 times, it would be better if I had only flipped it once. Another may have been cause I didn’t have enough coals on the grill! Either way it is personal preference, I like mine pretty brown (see below).

Step 10. Slice the steak. This steak was on for 20 minutes. It was pretty thick so yours might need less time.

Step 11. Assemble.

I made a lot of peppers and onions cause I use a lot. Get a smaller onion if you want less. The amount I used made 2 fairly large fajitas with no leftover.

Salsa, sour cream, cheddar.

Step 12. Eat! This fajita was delicious! But it wasn’t perfect. Keep reading to see a perfect fajita that takes a little more time and is better for a group of people.

Wisk this all in with some olive or vegetable oil and you have a marinade.

Put a Flank Steak in here and let it sit for about an hour.

You have seen us make salsa before, but Amy has a cool and different technique.

She puree’s the “other” ingredients (onions, garlic, jalapenos, cilantro), but leaves the tomatoes chunky

This came out really awesome.

Simple guac, again we make it here, but this one is really just avocados, some tomatoes, and a spoonful of the puree from earlier.

Cook the veg in a pan instead of the foil. Put a lot of salt, pepper, and butter in here.

It was raining so I cooked it on the indoor grill.

That’s the color I look for.

You know the deal here, cut the flank against the grain.

Now THAT’S a fajita!

Amy also made a quick tostada.