Pepperoni Bread

In Bermuda, it is customary to paint your apartment when you move out. In the US (or at least where I have lived) paint is covered under the “normal wear and tear” of an apartment, but not here. We got together some friends to help us paint and get everything out of the place. Food seemed appropriate for a nights work and we were going to order pizza, but decided to use what we had in the freezer. I am happy to post this recipe, because it was always a favorite appetizer my mom would bring to parties when I was growing up. Now I tell my friends to make this when they ask me what to make that’s easy to bring to someone’s party or when they are having people over for a sporting event.

G. works for shepherds pie, and shepherds pie only, so he left early with the promise of shepherds pie at a date in the near future.

That isn’t attractive man. Rule 7. Don’t put sweaty pics of yourself on the internet.

It was really hard for me to remember to not drink from this cup.

When I explain this recipe to people, this seems to be the hardest part. For some reason stores like to hide the dough. Its in the freezer section by bread. Trust me its there. it might just say bread loaves, or might say pizza dough. The people working at the store, stocking etc, will NOT know what you are talking about, so you are on a solo mission today.

chicken? That’s not in the recipe! We tried one normal pepperoni one, and one random one. This is just a rotisserie chicken Amy grabbed at the store.

This is the “random” one. This is chorizo.

With cheese and chicken.

The second one is the real one. This is mozzarella, parmesan, and pepperoni. The key here that differentiates this from a calzone or stromboli is the spiral rolling of this bread.  Be sure to roll it up like you are rolling a carpet or a scroll.  Not like you are making a chicken cesar wrap. This causes the slices to be easily picked up and become finger food at a party. It also creates these awesome layers of pepperoni juice soaked dough.

We only made this horseshoe shape because the oven is tiny.


25 min or so on 350.

Spray the pan, we had already packed our oils so we could not and had to pick off the foil.

They both came out really good.

This is what I meant earlier about the spiral.

The paint crew stuffing the food down.

It started getting crazy after that.

Mandi didn’t have an action shot, so we posed one.  Why does this remind me of bourdain’s fishing trips?