Chicken Poblano Panini

Sometimes to me, being on a diet dosnt mean eating really healthy. I feel that I always eat fairly healthy including whole grains and plenty of vegetables into my diet. My main problem is portion size, and eating really late at night. If we are hanging out on a Thursday or Friday night we often wont eat until 10 or later! So what I try to do when I am being good is eat before 6:30. This may seem impossible to most people, but what we do is run to the store after work, get home, and frantically pull something together in a half hour, and be sure to only make enough to have a reasonable portion. A sandwich is a perfect option. Its fast, and it is a set portion. A few days ago we made chicken poblano panini’s that came out excellent!

2 poblanos that had been in the fridge for a few days inspired this sandwich.

We have been trying to get different cheeses at the store lately. There are so many cheeses out there and we really only eat like 15 of them. Today I grabbed this Raclette because I knew it would melt well since it felt soft. I did not realize it was unpasteurized when I grabbed it but I was happy when I realized this at the checkout, I knew we were in for an interesting experience. When I opened it, I was taken aback by the smell! It smells so bad! Really bad. I never knew when people said stinky cheese they actually meant like a bad stink. I thought it just had to do with being pungent. But this smelled REALLY bad. Fortunately, it tasted delicious!! I am unsure if this is available in the united states since it is unpasteurized, but I encourage people to check it out if they can.

This pepper was under the broiler for a few minutes, then in a paper bag for 15.

After that, the skin comes right off.

Everything is ready, we had leftover parsley, but would have preferred cilantro.

Press everything in so it grills nicely.

Lookin good!

Lightly butter one side and place on the grill. Put something heavy on top. You can also use a foreman grill or sandwich press, or even just a frying pan and brick.

wait did you say butter? I thought you were on a diet?

Get the other side just before flipping. It isn’t much ok!!!!!!

Make sure to press the other side down as well. We put the cutting bored back down on it.

Happy Friday!! Have a nice long weekend everyone!!