Chicken Halloumi Basil Tomato Skewers

Secret beach is not so secret anymore. Mandi and I are moving across the island, so we decided to let all our friends know exactly where secret beach was since we wouldn’t be going as much anymore! We did this by having a party there and inviting everyone. I sent out a treasure map with an X on secret beach, and anyone who could find it was welcome to come and party. As usual, the grill was fired up and people brought things to cook.

We brought some chicken skewers. This is the beginning of the marinade.

A chile from the garden.

To this, we added lemon juice and olive oil.

The chicken marinated for a half hour, then we dumped the marinade over the top once they were skewered. The skewer is half a chicken tender, half a tomato from our garden, a piece of halloumi wrapped in basil, and the other half of the chicken.

since this pan wouldn’t fit into our coolers, we made it into its own cooler by adding 2 ice bags and covering it up well.

We got to the beach early to be sure no one took our spot.

it took Amy and Mandi 45 minutes to set this tent up. I just watched and laughed.

The first guests arriving.

This is a cool inflatable pong table I got from this website. It is great in pools, but also works on the sand. (especially when there is a convenient ledge to place it on.)

Its kind of a treacherous path to get to the beach.

Pork Tenderloin on the beach. We are classy like that.

Just like Morimoto and all masters of Japanese cuisine, Dimitri uses chopsticks to cook.

Mandi snuck a few skewers of ours on. I love this picture.

What a great party! There was even cake!