What I Ate Last Night

I was planning on posting a post I’ve been waiting a while to do today, but it requires a clean house. Every night this week I had planned to take the pictures, but my house was never clean enough, so today I present to you, a post I like to call “what I ate for dinner last night.”

Want some more homemade sprite?

WAHOOOOOO!!!! Marinade.


Bulgur Wheat. Its kind of like cous cous, but better for you and nuttier.

WAHOOOOO!! Marinating.

A grapefruit for the salad.

The juice went into the vinaigrette

We usually rinse onions if eating them raw to remove some of the intensity.

Zucchini for the salad. Cut once the long way and add salt and pepper. Then grill it for a few minutes a side.

Algave as a sweetener.

Lookin good!

The feta Mandi puts in EVERY salad.

Chop this up after grilling.

Grill marks!

We used Wahoo, but you can use any white or light flavored fish that’s good for grilling. Don’t use salmon please. Wahoo is a very chickeny fish common in Bermuda.


Fresh Cayenne (use any chile pepper)
Lime Zest
Lime Juice
Lemon Zest
Salt and pepper


Cooked Bulgur Wheat
Grilled Zucchini
Red Onion
Grapefruit (we used 2)
Olive Oil
Salt and pepper