Plant Update

When you last saw my plants, the situation was dismal. The tomatoes had leaf miners and were extremely infected. The cayenne pepper plant had holes in many of the leaves, clearly being eaten by some pest who doesn’t mind spicy food. After doing much research online, I decided my best bet was to strip all the leaves from the tomato plants and just hope they survived. I was heading out on vacation to Boston and I didn’t tell anyone to water them when I was gone. This was because I did not think they were going to survive anyways and was kind of upset about the whole situation. Just as I was getting into the cab to the airport, I looked over my plants and saw a new leaf on one of the tomatoes! I was shocked and kind of disappointed that they would be left to nature for water purposes for the next week and a half. Well when I got back, I was stunned to see large, green, leafy, and thriving plants in my walkway! My landlord had taken it upon himself to nurse my poor plants back to life! Before I had 4 tomato plants and 2 pepper plants, and now I have 2 tomatos and 1 pepper, so it wasn’t a 100% recovery, but it was still really great because I thought they all were goners.

My herbs are doing great as well, except for the cilantro. Cilantro does not do well in high heat. The plant is now flowering and while there are still many leaves, they taste kinda funky. They have a distinct cilantro flavor, but it is off for some reason.

This is a Thai basil flower. You are supposed to take the flowers off of basil, but we left one because it is so beautiful. Also because we use Thai basil less than sweet basil so we thought it would be ok. Different from cilantro, this flower tastes wonderful and we may try to use it for presentation at some point. When we went to Ken Oringer’s restaurant KO Prime in Boston, he used herb flowers in almost every dish.

Now here are the tomatoes and peppers.

The pepper plant is clearly doing great.

Here are some blossoms where tomatoes are about to grow.

Here are some already started!