Hot Cold, Cold Hot

For some reason soup was the topic of the day. Our normal email group was emailing about soup for like an hour. Didn’t anyone realize it is the middle of the summer? It’s hot and humid. I don’t want soup! But Mandi did. So we compromised on one chilled soup and one hot soup. We had a cayenne ripening in the garden so I thought we could spice up a gazpacho. This made me laugh… hot cold soup. That’s when I thought, how can I make the hot soup cold? Mint is a “cool” flavor and I had heard of people using mint with lamb and peas in ravioli/wontons. That’s how I came to the finalized dinner of the night. Duo of soups: Hot cold (spicy gazpacho), and cold hot (mint lamb wontons in chicken broth). Food sounds classy if you say “duo”.

A rub of mostly salt, pepper, and a small amount of cumin and coriander.

A roasting rack of carrots. This lamb shoulder went in the oven for 3 hours at 275.

This pepper isn’t quite ready, but the internet said you can eat them green if you want, so I knew it would still taste good. This pepper was cray cray spicy. Like burn your mouth for 10 min if you licked the inside for a quarter of a second spicy. That’s just how I was hoping for them to be.

I don’t care that it wasn’t ready, the multicolor is cool.

Some radishes were in the recipe I was following.

A half bell pepper.

Some scallions



Some tomatoes inside, and some as garnish. We only used half the hot pepper at first, but we added the other half later and it still could have used another.

a gazpacho salad?

a liquid salad.

it needed a little something. 2 basil leaves did the trick.

lamb shoulder perfectly cooked.

Olive oil, garlic and onions to kick up the flavor of the canned chicken stock. I like to use homemade frozen stock, but we were out and Mandi was seriously craving soup. We strained these out after pouring in the broth and letting them boil together for awhile.

Frozen peas

Mint from the garden

Breaking everything up a bit.

In goes the lamb.

The first 2 wontons. We used store bought wonton wrappers.

Garnish for the gazpacho

We cooked the wontons right in the boiling broth.

It was best to eat the gazpacho as an appetizer. still, we thought it could have have been better. Some of the chunks felt stringy and it could have been more delicious if it was a bit cooked before being chilled, or if the veggies were picked over better and stringy parts were removed. Even still, it was delicious and definitely cleared our apprehension towards chilled soups.

The leftover Gazpacho was delicious in scrambled eggs the next morning!

The gazpacho was kinda like this one, but with chicken stock instead of veg juice, and a few basil leaves.
and fresh cayenne, not powder.

The hot soup was just chicken stock. the store bought wonton wrappers were filled with roasted lamb shoulder, fresh mint leaves, and frozen peas.