Cauliflower Cannelloni

I was craving cauliflower all last week and was excited to see that Jamie would be focusing on it on his upcoming episode. We decided to make the cannelloni dish with a few changes. For one, we just watched the molecular episode of diary of a foodie and wanted to try making the tomato powder. Another was the strange fact that Jamie used canned tomato puree instead of making a sauce for this dish. We had some leftover sauce we had made and decided to mix that with puree so we would have enough. I also thought it odd that Jamie did not pre cook the pasta before stuffing it, I was doubtful it would cook properly in the casserole but wanted to try it anyways.

Cutting thin slices of tomato to dry in the sun. they dried them in the oven on the show, but I figured I would start in the sun and move to the oven when the sun went away.

We dried these with a paper towel, then put them in the sun for 2 hours, then in the oven at 150 for 3 hours.

Please excuse my kindergarten drawing.

Beginning of the filling.

Some thyme went in there too.

The tomatoes are nicely dried.

Tomato Powder!

The filling is almost done. This is after about 20 minutes.

The sauce mixed with a little tomato puree to stay somewhat true to the recipe.


This stuff is self explanatory.

We sprinkled the tomato powder on top.

This had to cook awhile to be sure the pasta cooks.

Im not sure if he is going for something different here with the tomato puree, but why not make a sauce!?!?! I loved the idea of this, and will definitely use the cauliflower filling again, but I will replace the tomato puree with all homemade sauce, and will cook the pasta for 5 minutes in water because I did not like the texture and didn’t think it cooked properly in the dish.

The recipe is here. US only.