Broke account so I broke a sweat
I’ve bought some things that I sort of regret about now – Modest Mouse

I’m not really that broke, but a few things happened that caused me to have to be creative for a few days last week with my food. Last Tuesday, Mandi and I ate really well all day without spending a dollar! Luckily, because I cook all the time there were ingredients lying around my house, but even if there weren’t, these would still be really cheap meals to make.

SIDE RANT – we have been watching the next food network star and enjoying the show somewhat. I take it for what it is and realize that no one on this show could ever touch anyone on top chef. But it is a different show and they are looking for something different then Tom and Padma. Last night I was completely disappointed with the winner and I can’t imagine that anyone liked Aaron. He sucked the last 2 weeks and I didn’t even think he could possibly win. I was trying to decide if it would be Lisa or Adam the whole episode, they both had way better pilots and are way better in general. I wanted Lisa to win from day one and I am going to be making it my personal goal to contact her and interview her or post one of her recipes. I don’t care if it is a year from now and no one even remembers her! YEA LISA GARZA! Mandi and I have sworn off food network before, once when they stopped playing Molto Mario, the first time we saw ultimate recipe showdown or down home with the Neely’s, and who could forget the holiday dessert iron chef debacle. This time we really mean it food network! Its over! Well maybe after Jamie and Anne this weekend, THEN it is over.

Raw beans are much cheaper, and way more delicious than the canned kind, the downside is they take 4 hours to cook. What else do you have to do though? You’re broke! I had these beans sitting on my counter for about 4 months so they were essentially free.

Their should be directions on how to cook them on the package. I do the quick soak method, but if you remember the night before you can do the overnight method.

Some rice I had leftover that has been on my fridge for awhile now.

We always have garlic and onions. I grabbed a cayenne off the plant outside and luckily there was a half bell in the back of the fridge.

I cooked the rice like this (sans shrimp), and then mixed it with the cooked beans. Make sure to heavily salt the beans in the last 10 minutes of cooking and not before.

I made this at night and ate it for lunch the next day.

The next night, after rummaging around for 20 min, it was clear what to cook. This is leftover buckwheat from these pancakes mixed with AP flour for some pasta. There is olive oil in the flour. For the amount of flour I needed 4 eggs, but being broke I only had 2 so I added a bit of water to the mixture.

I was feeling like a genius at this point. I had made a version of soba noodles. But what to put with them? In asia where soba noodles are popular, just like revenge, they are a dish best served cold. But I didn’t want cold tonight so I went outside to think for a minute…


Hacked off a ton of that basil and threw it into the blender with some garlic cloves and walnuts I found in the freezer. Then grated some pecorino romano in

Presto! Pesto! I added a little heavy cream at the end cause I like my pesto creamy and we happened to have some.