Beach Cake

As many of my loyal readers know, it was Mandi’s birthday yesterday. Since she has made me some crazy cakes in the past, I decided to try my hand at making one for her. Luckily, I had the design team there to help me decorate it. The cake recipe is from Ina Garten, and can be seen here. The idea for the teddy grams came from a pool cake I had seen online.

She calls to line the pans with parchment. I did on one, but the other was silicone so I didn’t have to.

this is parchment paper

The proper way to line a pan

These cakes sat in the fridge overnight.

The frosting was really easy, I just did the one she puts on her cake, minus the chocolate and coffee.

It looks like a giant moon pie

Trim the edges to make it look nice. And so you can taste some.  Here I also built up half of the cake so the beach area would be higher than the water.

I needed to dye some frosting blue for the water. Last min, I added some white and folded it in to make the ocean look foamy.

A slight wave effect.

Rich started getting the teddies into their swimwear.

For the sand, I crushed up some sugar and teddies and sprinkled it on.

Fruit rollup beach towels and floaties.

I made that palm tree out of gum paste. It was annoying and it kept wilting. But I’ve never used gum paste, didn’t read any sort of instructions, and it was like 90 degrees and very humid, so that’s probably why it wasn’t working too well.

Noodles are awesome. Probably the best invention of our time. Fire, wheel, car, computer, noodle.

After making a ton of pizza, we pulled out the cake.

Rich had the camera while everyone was gathered around.

Mandi took the first piece…

And ran off with it!

Good times had by all.