Thai Grill and Basil Fried Rice

Ive been craving thai flavors every day for the past 2 weeks.  The problem is the thai place here is very limited.  It is so awesome, but there isn’t a ton to choose from.  In a totally unrelated note, I’ve been seeing grilling on food network and on the blogs every day.  This time of year, grilling is the hot topic.  I love grilling, but I am always seeking out things that aren’t the normal grilling fare.  I decided to marinate some steaks in a green curry paste, grill and serve them with a thai style basil fried rice.  Searching on google for basil fried rice, I found this awesome video of two women making a great fried rice exactly how I wanted.  We used the Jamie Oliver green curry recipe we usually use for thai recipes to marinate the steaks.  I had really wanted to use a flank steak for this meal, but apparently Bermuda was out of flanks steaks and I had to settle for the more expensive and, IMO, less delicious tenderloin.

Getting all the necessary greens for the curry.

It was awesome to finally use a ton of herbs from here at one time.  A dish that really showcased the garden.  In the curry we used both types of basil, and cilantro, for garnish we used the chives, and for drinks, the mint.

Mandi is studying up on the fried rice recipe.

Here is the beef marinating in the curry paste.

Mise for the fried rice.

Don’t overcook the beef!  If you have flank it is more forgiving as long as you cut it right.  For tenderloin you have to be very careful about cooking it perfectly. I do about 4 minutes a side over really high heat.

I kept these pics in to show you all that I am a master of the grill and make perfect grill marks.  I own you.

This rice tasted EXACTLY how I had been hoping.  It was delicious and fresh tasting, light yet flavorful.  I’m going to check out these people in the video and see if they have more stuff.

Make this!!!!!!!!   TRUST ME.