Taco Burgers!

Mandi always claims she hates burgers.  I think one of the reasons is that when I make them, they always end up huge and have no direction.  I put in whatever is in the fridge and they end up tasting more like meatloaf than cheeseburgers.  Now that grilling season has begun, I am trying to make more focused burgers and turn around Mandi’s opinion. My first attempt was a taco burger.  An obvious choice due to her love of tacos!

If I was enjoying these burgers in the comfort of my own apartment, I would just put some thick avocado slices on top, but today I needed a more portable option.  I blended 3 avocados with a spoon of sour cream and 1 lime of juice.

It was a pain to get it into the squeeze bottle because it was really thick so I handed the job off.

I am sorry I do not have exact measurements for the spices, but it doesn’t have to be exact.   This is 1 pound of beef.

It was windy that day so we had to build the fire behind a rock.

When we finally got the coals going, they were really hot because of the constant wind.

That’s the kind of char I like on a burger, you can see it and taste it, but it doesn’t overpower and is still tender on the inside.

Top it with cheddar cheese, the avocado condiment, and a nice big piece of lettuce.  A thick tomato slice would have really finished them off nice but we didn’t have any.

I think she is scared of the taco burger.  Don’t be scared!

More avocado!

In the beef:

Chile powder

In the Avocado topping

3 avocados
Juice of 1 lime
Spoon of sour cream