Going away parties are always bittersweet events. You go and have a great time, but in the morning you have fewer friends. Todd and Joy are heading home to Canada tomorrow and had a beach party last night to say goodbye. I decided to take some pics to post here for 4 reasons. First, nothing I have on the site is simple, so sometimes people think I can’t eat normal food. Like I have to spend 2 hours cooking dinner or I won’t enjoy it. I think no matter how immersed you are in the food world, if you cant eat a hot dog, you’ve crossed the line into snob territory. Second reason, Mandi loves s’mores. So do I, but not as much as her. Last summer every time we lit the grill she would have a s’more appetizer. In my opinion, it is the best desert flavor combo. Whenever I ever see a s’more dessert at a restaurant I have to try it (and I usually don’t get dessert). We even tried to make a s’more ice-cream cake once and bought a mini blowtorch for it but it didn’t turn out that good. The third reason for me posting these pics is to say goodbye to Todd and Joy. I have worked with Todd, and Mandi has worked with Joy, for over a year and they will be missed in the office, at the work events, and of course, at the parties and bars. The final reason for this post is I’m wicked behind on cooking since our return and I had nothing else to put up!

Pickles and onions are essentials for me on hot dogs.

I had to drink 2 beers while I prepped so that the food could fit in the cooler.

The party is underway. These pics make it look like it wasn’t that nice of a night but it was actually beautiful with not a cloud to be seen.

I snuck my dog onto the grill.

This is how I like my hotdog. Raw onions, pickles, and a lot of mustard.

I liked the way these pics came out with no flash.

Mandi likes to burn the marshmallows, but I cook them slow with a nice golden crust.

So serious.

If Mandi’s hand wasn’t so sandy, I would contest that this is the best picture ever taken of a s’more.

Ewwwwww lick that sandy hand.

As usual, things started to get crazy after everyone finished eating.

If you don’t understand this picture, you should be ashamed of yourself. Learn.

One last marshmallow for the road.

The party is dying down. Keep in touch Todd and Joy! We will miss you.