Mexican Party

Last weekend was the 7th annual Mexican party
hosted by Amy and Cheryl.  Mandi and I
were lucky enough to go last year, and this year TFIMB was the corporate
sponsor (without actually giving any money). 
A great time was had by all and I took some pictures of the
festivities.  There will be no recipes
today except for one vague one for the pork that everyone requested.

Dan:  hey you think i
could get the pork recipe for the post today?   im not going to put
up any recipes except that one cause it was such a big hit.

Amy: There wasn’t a recipe actually.  I put a Mexican dry rub on it that I bought
at Target (Archer Farms).  In the bottom
of the pots, I put a mixture of orange juice, lime juice, garlic and
oregano.  Roasted at 425 for about a half
hour to brown a bit, then took it down to 300 for about 5 hours.  Each Boston Butt was about 5-6 lbs.  Oh my god, I’m hungry!

This is some beef chuck boiling away


Homemade salsa.

No cans here folks


TC is MAN-ing the grill.

His Domain

Cheryl prepping some of the appetizers.

The beef shredded.

Corn bread.  Ain’t nothing
wrong with that!

Where are you going?!? 
You’re gonna miss the party!

This is quite the authentic party

Kel and Todd setting up.

Here is the pork we discussed earlier.

Our gracious hosts.  Thanks

People are starting to arrive.

I was passing out fliers as you can see, she got one.

This happy couple is in Texas gettin’ hitched as we speak.  Congrats!

A different angle.  I
could never imagine feeding this many people!!  

Cheryl made tortillas all week.  Over 200!!

The pork all shredded.

Im not sure if these 2 were fussing with the trays a ton, or
if I was just drunkenly taking too many pictures, but this made me laugh.

The sun goes down and it is time to eat.

Oh my.

I was first to eat and was finished in time to get a few
shots of the assembly line.