One of the most frequently asked questions here on TFIMB is “what
is that delicious looking drink I see floating around in the background of the
pictures, and how can I make it?”  I have
decided to start putting up some drink recipes on here from time to time
starting today with 2 margaritas.  First
we have a frozen pina colada margarita, followed by a more basic margarita on
the rocks.

Key to better drinks number 1:  Fresh lime juice.  I see too many people with that gross bottle
of sugary lime juice mix.  If you think
it takes too much effort, do what I do and squeeze all the limes at the beginning
of the night.  Then when you make each
drink it is easier.

I would normally just use pineapple juice if this was a
regular drink, but for a blended frozen drink, gotta go with the real thing.

I had this laying around and this is when it became a pina
coloda.  I had just planned on making a
pineapple margarita before.

The amounts in a frozen drink don’t really matter.  I will go into this more in a full smoothie
post next week, but for now just throw whatever in there and it will be
delicious.  Just make sure to have the liquid
only come up half way on the solids.  This
will make it nice and thick.  Also be
sure to add a sweetener.  Don’t just throw
sugar into the blender because it does not dissolve.  You can make a simple syrup if you want, but
I just put in a dab of honey.  Again –
more on this next week.

I use cointreau instead of triple sec whenever I can for
margaritas because it tastes 10 times better and has a much higher alcohol
content.  2 good things.

In here is Tequila, Cointreau, Lime juice, Coconut milk, Honey, Pineapple, Ice

for a normal margarita, put a few pieces of ice in a cup,
and a few more into a shaker.

Add one part tequila, one part triple sec (Cointreau here).

A half part lime juice

And a half part of some other juice you have lying around.  Orange juice works pretty well.  Today I used the best juice… Tropicana has ever made.  I would like to take this opportunity to say
that the juice sucked.  We were enticed
by the ridiculous commercial and bought it only to find out that it tasted
gross!  I was wondering why this
margarita tasted off and so I tasted the juice alone and found that it was the
culprit.  Don’t buy it!

Shake it vigorously so that it gets frothy.  Then open the top and dump it all (ice too)
into your cup with ice.

Leave some space because margaritas are strong not only in
alcohol but also in flavor and tartness. 
Add some water or seltzer to smooth out the flavor.