Iceburg Wedges

Were back!  And what a
great vacation it was!   Wanna hear about
it?  Here goes.  Ribs 4 times, potato salad, peaches wrapped
in bacon, pasta salad, scallops, taco dip, chicken wings, cheesesteaks, qdoba burrito,
cheese fries, cheese fries, mcdonalds 4 times, steak egg and cheese bagel from
there, sausage egg and cheese from dunks, finagled another bagel, 2x taco bell,
(once drunk at 1:30 am with my family?) clam chowder, clam chowder, chili,
fried fish sandwich, beef burros, boneless wings from petes (still good), soft
pretzel, pizza, pizza, pizza, pizza, spicy basil pad Thai, spring rolls, kobe
flat iron, tuna tartare, sweetbreads, bone marrow, and about 400 or so
beers.  I’m sure I missed stuff; we had
about 4 meals a day.  And NOW it is time
for a diet!  Starting off my diet today I
have an iceberg wedge salad with a blue cheese dressing.  Blue cheese dressing!?!  You can’t have that if you are trying to be
healthy!!!!!   Relax folks, we only used 4
oz. of blue cheese (<200 calories each) and made the dressing with low fat yogurt
and buttermilk.  It was delicious!

Strain the yogurt to give it a better consistency.  Overnight is better, but an hour is ok too.

We were in the mood for celery after seeing Alton do a whole show about it the night before so we used a lot.

Fine dice for the tuna, and bigger for on top.

So we didn’t want to use mayo in the tuna just like we didn’t use it in the dressing. We tried to figure out something creamy that would be delicious and bind the tuna. I thought avocado because I put it in my tuna sandwiches so I knew the flavor combo would work. We just hoped the color would remain appetizing.

Yogurt, buttermilk, and blue cheese for the dressing.

Smash it in there.

These are for the tuna.

Chives from the garden were a nice touch but not necessary. We also squeezed a few drops of lemon juice in.

We decided to keep the lettuce in wedges to make it classy like at a steakhouse. These wedges are in dramatic lighting.

The tuna mixed with avocado, celery, and red onion. Tuna guacamole if you will. Because I will. I even kinda like the color.

A drizzle of this

A pinch of that.

Some celery leaves for the top.

And more of the celery and onion.

Tune in tomorrow for another healthy salad, and Friday for some pictures and recipes from the TFIMBBBQ.