Black Bean Avocado Bowl

I wasn’t sure what to call this really…  Quinoa salad? 
Mexicany rice bowlish thing?  I settled
on Black bean avocado bowl.  It came
about when Mandi and I were brainstorming about quick easy healthy weeknight
meals we could completely make AND eat in a half hour and run after.  This would actually be great as an
alternative to pasta salad at a BBQ and would also travel really well, but we just
had it as a quick and healthy weeknight dinner.

Fresh squeezed lime juice, a dot of honey, salt, and
cumin.  Wisk in some olive oil to make an

Cook the quinoa to box instructions, and add some butter and
salt and pepper.

Add rinsed black beans to lime vinaigrette.

Left to right – scallions, tomatoes, bell pepper, avocado.

As much as I like skittles, I would much rather taste THIS

Everybody in

Cotija cheese.  We had
just added some corn as well.

In with the quinoa.  Let
it cool if you can, but we didn’t have the patience.

Adjust salt and pepper because a lot of these ingredients
are somewhat bland on their own and need salt to really pop.  This salad bowl thingy is better if it sits
for a bit to blend all together, but we ate it immediately.

1 can black beans
2 Avocados – diced
1 cup uncooked quinoa
Frozen corn
4 tomatoes – diced
1 bell pepper – diced
5 scallions – chopped
Cotija Cheese

Cook quinoa to instructions + butter salt and pepper

In large bowl wisk:

Juice of 2 limes
Tbsp cumin
Dab of honey

Add everything else