One of the many highlights of my trip home was the last day. Steph hosted a BBQ so I could see a bunch of people from the area that afternoon. Fun times were had by all. We ate cous cous salad, corn on the cob, jalepeno poppers, pancetta wrapped peaches, scallops, and of course, ribs! Recipes / links are at the bottom of the post.

Steph and Kim were in charge of the ribs since I had lunch with my family. When I got there, they had been in the oven for 2 hours on low.

Mandi started prepping the cous cous right away.

Blurry chives

Lisa and Cait cutting some jalapeños for the poppers

I like to wrap some bacon around these, but Cait is the V-word. She filled them with sour cream and cheddar and topped some with Doritos crumbs.

Dressing the cous.

2 hands at once

The ribs are out and the liquid they cooked in is reducing to become glaze. It took way longer than we expected for this to reduce.

For the peaches, I first cut them in half, pitted them, then cut them in to 1/8 size wedges. Then I wrapped them with the thin pancetta slices. I saw this recipe in the newest food and wine magazine.

They were easy to cook cause they had 3 flat sides. Get the pan going real hot so they crisp up nice without making the peach soggy.

Lisa looks like she just got caught doing something wrong.

Cait grilled the poppers until they got melty.

I just put the peaches over some mixed greens and drizzled on balsamic and olive oil. Not everyone was a fan, but the people who were, were HUGE FANS. Bill?

Kim is finishing off the ribs in the grill, glazing them as she goes.

Get that dirt off ya shoulder.


The food is done, time for the real party to start.

Notice the rib bone he is holding with no meat on it. That’s a sign of a good rib!

A few fireworks to end the night right.


Pancetta wrapped peaches

Cous cous salad

Jalapeño Poppers:
Half jalapeños the long way, scoop out middle but leave a little for some heat.
Fill with cream cheese
Top with cheddar
Grill until melty

Scallops (not shown) and corn (barely shown)

Salt, pepper, grill, done.