Sliders are a popular option at so many restaurants these
days, but did you know they are extremely easy to make at home? Some weary travelers were set to arrive at my
house around 4 and we weren’t going to be having dinner until close to 9 so I
knew they would need a snack. I thought
this would be just the thing to get them going.

You need to really dice these small.

Here are onions for onion rings soaking in buttermilk. I use a Guy Fieri recipe for these. No, I do
not like him really. Consider this: I do
not like Ina Garten or her show very much, but if I want to make brownies or a
cake or even espresso ice cream, I go strait to her recipes because that is
where she excels. Similarly, if Guy Fieri
can make one thing in the world, its gotta be an onion ring right?

I think I first saw this technique done by Michael Chiarello

Put salt and pepper everywhere, and onions on one half.

Fold over so the onions become in the center.

Squeeze down a bit to make it all even.

I whipped this together for the onion rings. Some horseradish, mayo, ketchup, and paprika.

I use hot dog rolls cut in 3’s to make the burger buns. The way I see it, if you are making mini
burgers, make them as mini as you can. Some
of these places pass off a lot of things as sliders that just look like normal
burgers to me. The top left is the
onions soaking. The bottom left is flour with salt and pepper. The bottom right is just flour waiting for

Use a spatula to cut tiny squares out of the meat. Get them into a really hot pan for about 2
minutes on the first side, flip and cheese and give them 3 min or so on the
second side.

Dip the onions into the flour first to coat, then into the
beer batter and fry.

These were slightly underdone but still delicious.

These onion rings were much better.


Here is the onion ring link again. the rest i think was pretty obvious.