Plants, Brownies, Etc

No recipe post today, just some comments and various things
that are too small to make their own post.
2 site updates, plants, and brownies.

First off, I know fans of mandoline’s slice are probably
pretty disappointed one hasn’t come out in awhile. Well not to worry, there will be a few coming
around soon. Mandi was in LA for a week
and then we had friends visiting so she hasn’t been able to get one finished. There will be a post with wallpapers, and a
mandoline slice, definitely coming next week and the week after.

Second. I know we
have been doing a ton of fatty, cheesy, fried deliciousness lately. I’m sure people are looking for more of a
light summery meal or salads because it is that time of year. Well again – never fear cause TFIMB is here
to help! Tomorrow I have a nice Caesar salad, and next week I will have a few
healthy things up as well.

Next I have an update on my plants. I am having mixed results with my herbs and
tomato plants. The herbs are doing great
and we have already begun using them in meals! More on the plants, and the brownie pics, after the jump.

You can compare the size of these plants with the size of
them here

The tomatoes on the other hand are doing really poorly. At first I was using organic fish emulsion to
feed them. I have recently switched over
to miracle grow for fear of losing them!
I realized you cant really do well with organic growing unless you have
your own soil and compost to start with.
I also have been spraying them with a natural pesticide because they
have these lines and holes in some of the leaves. Other leaves have become curled up and
brittle. I don’t know what to do! Anyone have any tips or advice? I have been looking online a lot but I couldn’t
find that much good info.

So Sad

This pepper plant is doing ok… I think?

Lastly I have a few pics of some brownies I made this past
weekend. I used this barefoot contessa
(sans nuts). I was very happy
with the results because I have had trouble baking in the past. I think what helped me a lot was having a
thermometer inside the oven, and having a scale for the ingredients.

These were excellent and possibly the best non boxed
brownies I have ever had! The only thing that would have been better is if I had a better pan for the job so they could be thinner and cook more evenly.