Midnight Fry Session

We ate so bad this weekend… how bad did you eat? We ate SOOO bad this weekend that we kept oil
on the stove at all times in case we had the urge to fry! And fry we did. This particular fry session was around 12:30 on
fry-day night (he he).

I like to make my own raviolis for almost any occasion, but
when frying them, there is no reason not to buy pre-made. I still go for the slightly better quality refridgerated
ones over the frozen kind.

When frying some things like onion rings and chicken, you
need to create a crust or batter to coat the item. When frying ravioli, you already have that
crust in the form of pasta, you only need to add a few breadcrumbs. We soak them in buttermilk for about 15
minutes to help the breadcrumbs stick.

When you first put them in the oil (350 degrees) they bubble
up a ton.

As they finish cooking, the bubbles slow. This is how you know they are done. Get them out quickly at this point or the oil
will start seeping in.


Dip in some leftover sauce.
We ALWAYS have some. If you want
to make some, go here.

Mozzarella is a bit different. As I said before, it needs that crust on it
to protect it from the oil.

To make the crust, we dip and coat it in: flour, then eggs,
then flour again, eggs, then breadcrumbs.
Season the flour with some salt beforehand.

The second flour coating.

The second egg coating.

This is a good oil temp because the oil loses some temp
when you put things into it.

These are also trickier to time. You have to keep watching it until you see
little spots of white where the cheese is trying to escape. That means it is done.

We also dipped these into sauce.