Memorial Day Brisket

Impulsive Purchases. We all have them. Most grocers put candy and gum by the register to promote impulsive purchases. It works on Mandi; she always leaves the store with a candy bar. I think they should put the meat section right at the registers because I would always leave with extra meat. All of my impulse buys happen to be large chunks of meat! My last one resulted in this. This past Saturday I called Mandi from the store:

Me: Hey
Mandi: what’s up
Me: nothing. Ummm I just bought a brisket. I don’t know why.
Mandi: uhhh sweet?
Me: How the hell do you cook a brisket
Mandi: I don’t know
Me: Go online and get me a recipe so I know what else to buy.
Mandi: Naa, Im gonna go back to watching friends half awake. SEEYA!

Luckily, I had everything I needed at home! Thanks to a loosely followed Paula Deen recipe, we were in business.

After I got it home from the store, I applied the rub so it could sit overnight. It calls for garlic and onion powder, but I used actual garlic and green onions diced really small.

I told you he was good with his hands! (sorry I hate that commercial and also hate the Neely’s in general but it came to mind when I saw this picture.)

Into the fridge overnight.

The next day I set up the coals. This is way less coals than I usually use but I needed to get indirect heat and also have a temp of only 250. This would be my greatest test as a grill master. Anyone can throw some coals on and flame up some steaks, but to keep a temperature of 250 on a coal grill for 6 hours would be a true challenge.

The coals are ready. Spread them out in a circle around the rim

I fell in.

The key to temp control on a charcoal grill is the airflow. I am keeping the top grate mostly closed

And the bottom one mostly closed as well.

What a beautiful day. We decided to go to the beach while the thing was cooking. It made me nervous about the brisket’s well being but what can you do? The ocean was calling.

Here was the final setup

The grill was way too hot so I closed the flaps even more and a half hour later it was perfect. Just in time to head out.

This is your new home for the next 6 hours, brisket. At this point I added a few unlit coals and we went to the beach. The thermometer said 300 and I was happy with that. When we came home 3 hours later, the thermometer was at about 207. Perfect timing to come back and give the coals a little refresher! I kept a close eye on the brisket after that and kept it close to 250. Then I fell asleep…

375?!?!?! What!? This thing is supposed to have a whole nother hour of cooking! Damn nap! I checked the internal temp and it was 190 (perfect) so I took it off immediately. I was worried that this higher temperature would have caused the beef to get chewy and tough.

Luckily, it was delicious! It could have been SLIGHTLY more tender, but really the meat was juicy and delicious with a nice bite and spice.

This is the first use of our home grown herbs. We were using some for mashed potatoes and herb butter.



Purple basil (store bought) and some of the chives in butter.

Boiling potatoes.

Some zucchini and corn on the grill. Raw and unseasoned because they were really fresh and delicious looking. We only cooked them all for about 5 minutes.

Mashed potatoes (recipe to come at a later date)

What a nice evening it was outside.

Check here for the brisket recipe