Meat – on – a – stick

Ever go to a BYOF BBQ? Ya know, when your friend says “Hey man, come by tonight, we’re gonna fire up the grill and you can bring some meats or whatever you want to throw on there.” When this happens what do you end up bringing? I bet the answer is a burger or hot dog. Now not that those things aren’t delicious but I think it is much more fun to bring something like this. This particular day we weren’t going to one of those BBQ’s, we were going to the beach, but this is a great recipe for one of those situations.

Mandi made the dressing for the pasta salad with a spoonful of Dijon, a splash of red wine vinegar, salt, pepper, and extra virgin.

Make cous cous according to box directions. Put it flat on a pan and into the fridge for a half hour.

Add chopped scallions and tomatoes to the dressing, then add the chilled cous cous.

And some ripped baby spinach leaves

This is a jalapeño for the marinade.

This is what we will be marinating.

We roasted some cheese for the salad. We did it for the risotto from a few days ago and decided to do it again. (Or every time ever from now on as Mandi likes to say)

Green onions in the marinade.

Kyle was very excited about the twist style, however it turned out that they did not cook evenly. I think on a proper grill, they would have cooked fine but on the makeshift one they needed to be flat. Too bad cause they looked awesome.

Lime zest and garlic for the marinade.

Filled with lime juice and olive oil.

The complete salad with the roasted cheese.

Packed away in individual containers. The containers are great for the beach because of sand reasons, but if you are just going to a friend’s house you can put it in a big bowl.

Bags are packed

Coolers are full

Limes for our corona cans and beach surprise and we’re ready to go.

At the beach when we all get hungry a few hours later, Kyle and I begin to dig out the grill area.

We stomp down in a circle to make the sand flat and wet. This way it won’t blow onto the food.

Kyle foraged for some rocks.

Fits perfectly.

We realized we forgot forks, so we tried to eat with the lids.

Mandi fared better with 2 straws.

The steak was a bit tough, next time I will get a different cut and skewer them flatly.

This is what happens when you eat too much

Pasta Salad.


spoon of Dijon
Splash of red wine vinegar.

Then add
Cooked cous cous
Roasted feta (roasted with olive oil and oregano)
And torn baby spinach leaves


Place chicken tenderloins and strips of beef onto skewers

3 garlic
2 scallions
lime juice (3 limes)
lime zest (2 limes)
EV olive oil
1 jalapeño

Pour marinade over meats and let sit for an hour at least.