Tuna With Pesto

Since there was a public outcry after my last healthy post (apparently 2 slices of bacon makes you a fatty) I decided to post another one today. Sometimes when I am trying to be healthy, I ruin it because I crave pasta all the time. I generally do not like whole wheat and whole grain pastas. For some reason however, when I put a pesto on a whole grain pasta, I really enjoy it.

This recipe is a combination of Giada’s Swordfish and Spaghetti with Citrus Pesto, Heidi’s Pesto techniques, and some tweaks of our own (putting the citrus in the fish instead of the pasta, using whole grain pasta, fish selections). I find it important to cite my sources so that I don’t pull a Cindy McCain. I’m so Topical!

I hadn’t grilled outside in a while (besides pizza) so I was pretty excited.

Making the marinade for the fish. You can use swordfish or tuna for this meal. Really any fish that has a steak option.

Some lime zest, lime juice, garlic, pepper, salt, EV olive oil

MMM the tunas looked great. I wanted to just eat it raw.

These only need like a half hour in the bag.

This is where we follow heidi’s ideas about making pesto. If you are really in a hurry, you can just throw all this into a food processor or blender, but to me, it all gets kinda watery and pur矇ed and bruised and not as tasty. Chopping it all by hand with a really sharp knife makes it awesome. You will see in a few pictures.

Start with basil


Pine nuts.

Parmesan. The real stuff

The pine nuts again

Wow! Look at this. You can see that basil isn’t even bruised in there. Everything is still its own entity all combined in a bowl of awesome.

Just a little olive oil.

This time we tried kamut whole grain spaghetti

Who’s that dude? Come on now, its summer in Bermuda, I had to take off my winter coat!

I drizzled some of the marinade on here. If you were doing this on an indoor grill, you cant do this part.

I don’t always remember to warm the plates, but it is kinda important in this meal because everything gets cold really fast if you don’t.

Grill marks! He’s still got it!

A little pasta water

Mmmm delicious. And healthy! Go ahead and make comments that there are no veggies in here… Or how about that crazy mercury content in tuna? Go for it.