New Year’s Eve 2007

This past New Years, about 30 of my friends got together and
rented a ski house in Maine.
A great time was had by all and there was only one trip to the emergency
room! We were there for almost a week but the real party was on New Years
Eve. That morning, Mandi, Kim, Amy, and me got up early (11) and took the
half hour trek to the nearest grocery store. We began planning the hors d’oeuvres
for the party that night. Collectively, we made over
9 different things throughout the night including teriyaki chicken
pineapple skewers and jalapeno cheese bacon awesomeness but only 4 are
shown here.

Making an antipasti plate

Yea mandi, Work that meat

Kim: “come on mand, be serious for a minute, we have alot of meat to roll”
Mandi: “true, true”


Charlie’s Meat Angels??

This is what you can see Amy working on 2 pictures above. I have no idea whats in it really except caviar. Amy – if you read this, post a comment explaining it.

Rich was chopping for awhile to make all this bruschetta. It is not in the blender to be blended, we were running out of containers.

The proud father and his baby. We hired that bartender on the left.

Bringing out the food

Literally 30 seconds later Amy brought the plate back empty trying to lick off the last traces

I made a steak and roasted red pepper crostini. Note the dudes staring at it waiting to take one. STAY AWAY BARTENDER!! We didn’t pay you to eat our food.

I’m not gonna say I made the best thing of the night, but, well yea I made the best thing of the night.


I made breakfast the next morning but thats another story….