Waffle Cheese Sticks

Like what happens often to me, I thought I had an original idea with this recipe, but then I looked online and it had been widely done. I think I did mine a bit different though, making these as more of a cheese stick or dipper, instead of a full blown calzone. These make for a really tasty and super easy app, just buy some pizza dough, roll it out thin, add the cheese and salami, and press it in the waffle maker for a few minutes. The pizza dough gives you a totally different texture and flavor than what you expect from something waffle shaped.
Like i said earlier, you want to go real thin with this. Just a single slice of salami folded up with a thin piece of cheese on either side of it. On the waffle maker with a little oil. Many of the waffle calzone recipes out there didnt fully close the waffle maker, but I thought that that was stupid. With my thin salami filling I was able to close it no problem and get nice uniform waffle sticks. Ohhhh yea, these were real good. I mean, I think that anything with salami, dough, sauce, and cheese is really good, but still, these were really really good! They were super juicy and had cheese oozing out which surprised me for having such a small amount of filling. Do you guys think these should be called waff-zones or waff-pockets? They weren't super crispy or anything, but they held up nice and weren't floppy either.
No real recipe needed today. Buy some dough, roll it very thin, put some cheese and salami in and fold it up. Press it in the waffle iron and dip in sauce.