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Slow Cooker Chicken Korma

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I recently adapted a chicken korma recipe for a slow cooker for Tablespoon, and it came out great! I ate it with a couple friends a few weeks back and we all loved it. Try the Slow Cooker Chicken Korma recipe on Tablespoon.

Bacon Coconut Noodle

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There is always something great about making that first dish in your new kitchen. Learning the new space, finding out things that are great and not so great about it. Realizing things that you forgot to move or get at the store and making quick changes to the dish based on that. I made these bacon coconut noodles as the first dish at the place I moved into a few days ago and I am absolutely loving it. The kitchen and the noodles.

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Pork and Summer Veggie Chili

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September is the time when I crave chili the most. I love a veggie packed chili, but this time of the year it is a shame to cook your veggies too long because they are so fresh and tasty! I decided to try and make this chili sort of backwards by letting the meat and spices simmer away in the crock pot all day and then adding the veggies at the last minute. The resulting dish was super tasty with a nice juxtaposition of deep slow cooked flavors and fresh light crunchy veggies.

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Bacon Broccoli Potato Spring Rolls


It took me a long time to find the thin spring roll wrappers. For several years of my life I didn't understand where I could get them. When I finally did though, I knew the possibilities were endless. You could never stuff potatoes into an egg roll, it would be gross. But with the thin crispy spring rolls it's perfect. These rolls are stuffed with potato, broccoli, bacon, and cheese. Just what you want to eat in a potato spring roll!

Make Your Own Summer Roll Party


When I hang out with this one group of friends, we have a bit of a problem where everyone has specific diet restrictions. Someone is vegetarian, another is allergic to gluten, and the third is just generally pretty picky. We have found that one of the best dinners for us all to enjoy is a make your own summer roll party. We prepare tons of fillings, and then each person dips their rice paper into some water and rolls up their own delicious creation. Here are some photos from our most recent summer roll party!

Mozzarella Stick Nachos

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I finally caved and joined Instagram, and my first post ever was of a Doritos Loaded. It was so bad. I like junk food but it was just real real bad. But I wasn't just eating it for fun, I was doing important recipe research for these Mozzarella Stick Nachos so it was all worth it.

Brisket Tacos on Mass Appeal

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This is one of my favorite late summer recipes for when you want to get out of that grilling the same thing every night rut. I recently went to Mass Appeal and showed Seth and Ashley how to make these tasty fresh and unique tacos!

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Roasted Cauliflower Gnocchi


Whoa! Sorry for the sudden disappearance for a few weeks. I'm still alive Mom! Things have been really crazy over here and work has been in crisis mode. I'm back now and things are going to be really exciting here with some big changes coming in the next couple weeks!

Anyway, lets move on to todays recipe. I recently had a break in my crazy work schedule and was able to carve out a few hours to have a nice night with some good friends. I have been eating really healthy lately and wanted to make something with fresh summer veggies and not much else. I went with these gnocchi made out of roasted cauliflower instead of potatoes and dressed them in a light sauce of roasted tomato, broccoli rabe, garlic, and olive oil. These tasted light and summery but also super savory and filling at the same time. This dinner combined with a fun night with friends was exactly what I needed to get over my long work week.

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Coconut Bun Vermicelli

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I love the Vietnamese dish Bun Vermicelli and I thought that I knew all about it, but recently I went out for Vietnamese and they had a totally new version that I had never seen before! It was served with these super thick rice noodles that actually confused me and my friend who has a gluten allergy because they seemed so much like wheat noodles. We triple checked with the staff and then proceed to inhale the coconut version of one of my favorite all time dishes. I had some of the thick rice noodles at home so a week later I made my version of the coconut vermicelli to share with you guys.

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Potato Skin Burger


I once made a burger with essentially a french fry as the bun. It came out pretty good but it wasn't as amazing as I had hoped. I recently was out with a friend and they came up with the idea of using potato skins as the buns of a burger and my brain just said yes! This is what I was supposed to do instead of fries! The thing about the skins is that there is a pocket area that the juices of the burger can get trapped and absorbed whereas on a french fry the juices just run right off onto your plate. Also it means lots of cheese bacon and sour cream.

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