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Sriracha Chicken Waffle Sliders

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These sliders are so fun, easy, and super delicious. The buffalo sauce has a nice kick and is also sour and bright and will wake your guests right up at your next party! Try my Sriracha Chicken Waffle Sliders recipe on Tablespoon.



Porchetta is normally eaten as a roast for a special occasion dinner, but when I was in Italy recently, we actually had it as a thin sliced sandwich meat. We got some porchetta, salami, and cheese for a train ride from Venice to Florence, and I was completely hooked on the porchetta. I happen to have a commercial meat slicer in my possession, so I thought it would be a fun theme for a party to make some different sliced meats for sandwiches. So here we are, lunchmeat week on TFimB! This porchetta tasted EXACTLY like the one I had in Italy which is pretty lucky because I just sort of winged the recipe. It was fairly easy to make and everyone loved it so I would consider it a big success!

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Curried Cauliflower and Chickpea Fresh Rolls

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I had some co-workers over for a quick bite on the way out to a "Team Building Event" (bar crawl). Had to stick to veggies because one is vegetarian, but I wanted to make something light anyways. I needed it to be really delicious because these people cook my recipes at Cafe Burrito every day and I wanted to show them that I was good at cooking other types of food too. I decided on making a simple cauliflower and chickpea curry and rolling it into some fresh rolls. I made a quick yogurt raita as a dipping sauce and the rolls were a big success.

Sausage Crunch Wrap

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I recently made a copy of the Taco Bell AM Crunch Wrap and I had a lot of fun testing and then recreating the recipe! It's not even that hard and would be perfect for a weekend breakfast. Try the Sausage Crunch Wrap recipe on Tablespoon.

A Feast From Florence


It was a unanimous decision amongst my family that a feast we ate in Florence was the highlight of our recent trip to Italy. We sat down at a nice table in the corner of a crowded restaurant and my sister immediately charmed the waiter with her fluency in the language she was able to pick up during her semester there. She told him we were ready to eat and drink whatever they were willing to bring, and I think they took it as a challenge. We were then brought course after course of amazing food, and enough wine for easily double the amount of people. When we got home, we wanted to share the experience of the feast with other relatives and loved ones who weren't as lucky to be there with us that night. There won't be recipes here like a normal blog post, I just wanted to share scenes from that beautiful day with you all.

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Grilled Shrimp and Sausage Pasta Salad

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I had a handful of different cravings at the grocery store on my way to my friends place. I wasn't sure exactly what I wanted but I knew we were grilling. I started to go into the direction of an italian pesto-like pasta salad with some grilled sausage, but then I got the usual cravings for Vietnamese rice noodles I have all the time. I ended up sort of combining the dishes into something fun and delicious.

Spicy Chile Basil Tofu Tacos

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I thought it was pretty convenient when Pepcid wanted to do a sponsored post with me. I don't know if you guys have seen this here blog of mine, but if you have you probably can believe that I get heartburn from time to time. My plan was to make an aggressively spicy feast for my friends and see if Pepcid was strong enough to prevent everyone from getting heartburn! We started with this appetizer of Polenta Stuffed Mushrooms that I posted on Tuesday, and then we moved on to the main event, these crazy hot chile basil tofu tacos.

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Pizza Bun Burgers

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I made this burger that has two mini pizzas as the buns. So, yea, that's a thing now! Get the Pizza Bun Burgers recipe on Tablespoon.

Fiery Polenta Stuffed Mushroom Roulette

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Some friends and I got together this past weekend to have a spicy feast and it was lots of fun! I was inspired to create the feast when the heartburn medicine Pepcid came to me and wanted to work with me on a sponsored blog post. THAT blog post is coming on Thursday, but this is the appetizer that we had that day. I got the idea for roulette style spicy apps from a super spicy dinner called Hell Night that is hosted a few times a year at a restaurant in Cambridge called East Coast Grill. What they do is give you one item per person at your table (I had it as meatballs) and most are mild, one is medium, and one is insanely hot. I instead made 75% of these stuffed mushrooms pretty hot, and 25% of them CRAZY HOT, and we all just started chowing down.

Salmon Burgers with Green Bean Slaw


Salmon burgers usually have an asian flair to them at least when I have seen them out at restaurants, but I was more in the mood for very simple flavors that really felt like spring and showcased the fresh salmon. I grabbed some vibrant green beans and ramps at the store and put together a quick slaw with a mustard vinaigrette as a topping for these burgers. Some hard boiled eggs and nice whole grain rolls pulled everything together. Some of you are probably grilling this weekend, and I highly suggest trying out these burgers as something different for a small get together.