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S'mores Cake


Both of my parents turn 60 this year, so my sisters and I planned a big surprise party for them. The party was this past weekend and it went better than I could have imagined! They were totally surprised and everyone seemed to have a great time. I made lots of tasty food, but the real showstopper was this crazy s'mores cake. Not only was it big and multi tiered, but I got to light it on fire at the party!

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Salmon Dill Chowder

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Earlier this week I bought two great new cookbooks. I was on my way to the store after buying these books knowing I was going to cook something that night, but I was unsure of what. I flipped through Easy Gourmet, and realized that I wanted to eat just about everything in the book! Not only that, but the recipes really lived up to the theme of the book, they were all super easy but also really classy and fancy feeling! It was a cold september day so I gravitated towards the soups in the book, and the salmon dill chowder caught my eye right away. Mainly because I make a lot of soups here, but this one seemed just different enough from what I normally do that I knew it was going to be fun to make and new flavors to eat. It came out just fantastic and took almost no effort at all to put together!

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Cookie Butter

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If you guys were wondering what the spread was from my 4 cookie ice cream, it is called speculoos spread and it is the consistency of peanut butter but the flavor of ginger cookies. I recently made a version of it for tablespoon but with chocolate chip cookies and it was pretty tasty stuff. Try my Homemade Cookie Butter recipe on Tablespoon.

Lobster Bacon Jalapeno Poppers


It's officially the season for watching Football and eating tasty treats while doing it. Here in New England, the Patriots aren't off to the best start, but that doesn't mean we can't have some beer and good food while yelling at the TV! I recently partnered with Tabasco to create a New England game-time recipe and for my regional ingredient I was assigned Lobster. I LOVE lobster, but it's a tough ingredient to use when you are talking about "homegating", because football food tends to be bold, cheesy, and often fried, three things that don't come to mind when talking lobster. After brainstorming for awhile, I came up with this awesome lobster popper recipe that felt like football food but still featured the lobster without overpowering it or losing it in the mix.

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Cookies & Cookies & Cookies & Cookies & Cream


I had an ice cream at Ronnybrook Farm Dairy at Chelsea Market about a month ago that was "2 cookies and cream". It was really clever and also really really delicious to mix chocolate chip cookies into the regular cookies and cream. Ice cream has been on the brain lately, and September is my favorite time of the year to eat ice cream, so I decided to top their flavor and double the cookie content! In addition to oreo and chocolate chip, I also mixed in peanut butter cookies, and finished it all off with a speculoos cookie spread as a swirl. This was hands down the best ice cream I have ever made! My only question is "who can top that shit, who can top that shit"?

Slow Cooker Chicken Korma

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I recently adapted a chicken korma recipe for a slow cooker for Tablespoon, and it came out great! I ate it with a couple friends a few weeks back and we all loved it. Try the Slow Cooker Chicken Korma recipe on Tablespoon.

Bacon Coconut Noodle

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There is always something great about making that first dish in your new kitchen. Learning the new space, finding out things that are great and not so great about it. Realizing things that you forgot to move or get at the store and making quick changes to the dish based on that. I made these bacon coconut noodles as the first dish at the place I moved into a few days ago and I am absolutely loving it. The kitchen and the noodles.

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Pork and Summer Veggie Chili

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September is the time when I crave chili the most. I love a veggie packed chili, but this time of the year it is a shame to cook your veggies too long because they are so fresh and tasty! I decided to try and make this chili sort of backwards by letting the meat and spices simmer away in the crock pot all day and then adding the veggies at the last minute. The resulting dish was super tasty with a nice juxtaposition of deep slow cooked flavors and fresh light crunchy veggies.

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Bacon Broccoli Potato Spring Rolls


It took me a long time to find the thin spring roll wrappers. For several years of my life I didn't understand where I could get them. When I finally did though, I knew the possibilities were endless. You could never stuff potatoes into an egg roll, it would be gross. But with the thin crispy spring rolls it's perfect. These rolls are stuffed with potato, broccoli, bacon, and cheese. Just what you want to eat in a potato spring roll!

Make Your Own Summer Roll Party


When I hang out with this one group of friends, we have a bit of a problem where everyone has specific diet restrictions. Someone is vegetarian, another is allergic to gluten, and the third is just generally pretty picky. We have found that one of the best dinners for us all to enjoy is a make your own summer roll party. We prepare tons of fillings, and then each person dips their rice paper into some water and rolls up their own delicious creation. Here are some photos from our most recent summer roll party!