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Brisket Biscuit Sandwich

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Tablespoon is running a big food awards thing called The Munchies right now, but Boston was a little under-represented, so I had to cook a dish inspired by one of my favorite restaurants here, Sweet Cheeks. This is what I make when I come home with leftovers from Sweet Cheeks, the brisket biscuit sandwich

Salami and Arugula Noodle Salad

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I whipped up this noodle salad last night and it was really easy and delicious, so I thought I would share it with you guys. I had a ton of arugula that I had bought for another dish but never ended up using, so I wanted to use it in some sort of salad with an Asian type of noodle. Salami is one of my favorite things to pair with arugula, and I also had this really cool espresso rind cheese that was actually great in this dish.

Salmon Gnocchi in a Creamy Pea Sauce

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If I was running a diner a couple decades ago, I would probably call these "salmon croquettes". If I was running a fancy modern american place I might call them "salmon-potato dice" cause they have the fun square shape. I think salmon gnocchi is a good name for them though. This recipe is inspired by the old school salmon and pea pasta, and also by the upcoming spring when fresh peas will soon be available.

Buffalo Chicken Pad Thai

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This dish is total blasphemy to pretty much everything, but I don't care cause it was delicious and I am a rebel like that. Try my Buffalo Pad Thai on Tablespoon.

St. Patrick's Leftovers Video

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I was on Mass Appeal again yesterday and I made some fun recipes you can put together with leftover food from St. Patrick's Day. In the second video, I tried to make a caramel live on TV which was a dumb idea from the start and it totally didn't come together! I think I recovered pretty well though, and these videos are still a lot of fun.

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Caramelized Celery Linguine


Last week's Portlandia episode was all about how celery has fallen behind a lot of other new "buzz" veggies like brussel sprouts, kale, and cauliflower, and how Steve Buscemi, the celery rep, was trying to get celery back on the map. I always love Portlandia, but when they make fun of food culture it makes me laugh even more. I decided to take this celery issue into my own hands and try and make a trendy blogger type dish with celery. My trendy blogger style dish failed, and a cocktail I made was just ok, but this celery loaded pasta was amazing. It's not gonna go viral anytime soon or dig celery out of its hole, but it's a great and unique dish which opened my eyes to caramelized celery.

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Waffle Cheese Sticks

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Like what happens often to me, I thought I had an original idea with this recipe, but then I looked online and it had been widely done. I think I did mine a bit different though, making these as more of a cheese stick or dipper, instead of a full blown calzone. These make for a really tasty and super easy app, just buy some pizza dough, roll it out thin, add the cheese and salami, and press it in the waffle maker for a few minutes. The pizza dough gives you a totally different texture and flavor than what you expect from something waffle shaped.  

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Sausage Shepherds Pie with Brussel Sprouts


With St Patricks Day coming up, I wanted to make a twist on a shepherds pie and I knew that Jones Dairy Farm Sausage would be perfect as the base of the recipe. For the potatoes on top, I was thinking of doing a play on colcannon by mixing brussel sprouts in, but at the last minute I decided it would be better to instead lay the sprouts on top of the potatoes and let them crisp up in the oven. It was a great choice and the blackened brussel sprouts really made this dish.

Squid and Sausage Fusilli

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Seafood and sausage is always a tasty pairing. After playing around with squid cooking times and noticing that it can be tender after 3 minutes or 40 minutes, but nowhere in between, I really wanted to make a hearty tomato sauce with chopped up squid that was cooked slow and low. I decided to mix in sausage, but otherwise make it like a normal tomato sauce. I loved how this came out. The squid had a perfect texture that was super tender with just a slight rubbery bite that gave the whole dish a nice chew. The flavor combo of tomato sausage and squid with a little banana pepper thrown in is really something special and some chopped up hazelnut and meyer lemon zest on top brought everything together in a nice way.

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Smoked Potato Kale Soup

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Mandi got me this really cool handheld smoker for my birthday this year. She passed my secret test where I casually mention I want something nowhere near my birthday while we are watching Top Chef after drinking a few beers and then I expect to get it for my next birthday. I guess she is a keeper! Anyways, despite wanting this thing, I had my reservations about it. I didn't think it could possibly get smoke flavor into any ingredient with just a quick 15 minutes of "smoke marinade". I still wanted to try though! After my first attempt, I am still on the fence, but hopeful. This soup had a nice background smoke flavor to it. I ran the smoking gun 4 times while making this soup which seems like a lot to me to get just a "background smoke flavor", but I think after I get the hang of how to best use it, I can get better results with less smoking action.

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