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Coconut Bun Vermicelli

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I love the Vietnamese dish Bun Vermicelli and I thought that I knew all about it, but recently I went out for Vietnamese and they had a totally new version that I had never seen before! It was served with these super thick rice noodles that actually confused me and my friend who has a gluten allergy because they seemed so much like wheat noodles. We triple checked with the staff and then proceed to inhale the coconut version of one of my favorite all time dishes. I had some of the thick rice noodles at home so a week later I made my version of the coconut vermicelli to share with you guys.

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Potato Skin Burger


I once made a burger with essentially a french fry as the bun. It came out pretty good but it wasn't as amazing as I had hoped. I recently was out with a friend and they came up with the idea of using potato skins as the buns of a burger and my brain just said yes! This is what I was supposed to do instead of fries! The thing about the skins is that there is a pocket area that the juices of the burger can get trapped and absorbed whereas on a french fry the juices just run right off onto your plate. Also it means lots of cheese bacon and sour cream.

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Summer Veggie Green Curry

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I loaded my favorite green curry recipe with tons of fresh summer veggies for Tablespoon recently and it came out great! Try my Green Curry for a super healthy weeknight dinner.

Lobster Roll Banh Mi


These sandwiches sparked a really interesting debate. They were very good sandwiches, and they all got devoured pretty quick, but lobster is definitely one of those ingredients that people are purists about. The whole state of Maine will shun you if you put an ounce of celery in a lobster roll! My friends were all a little preoccupied about the lobster not exactly being the star of this sandwich, and I can understand that thought especially when you are dealing with something as delicious and expensive as lobster can be. If you read this site at all though, you know that no ingredient or dish is sacred here. I don't mind pissing off a whole country with a misplaced drop of cream in a carbonara, and I don't mind using lobster in fun new and creative ways, especially when the results can be as delicious as this!

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The Avant Gardener's Salad

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I wanna grow tomatoes on the front steps. Sunflowers, bean sprouts, sweet corn and radishes. This is what Courtney Barnett is planning in her song Avant Gardener before her day takes a bad turn. I imagine that things got better and she was able to plant that garden eventually so the neighbors would stop thinking that they have a meth lab in the house. Then one day after the garden grew, she made this sweet salad with the harvest.

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Hazelnut Basil Pesto Skewers

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I wanted to call this pesto "bazelnut" but they didn't love that idea over at Tablespoon. This is one of thoes recipes where I thought of the name before I thought of the recipe, just because the words fit together so well. It came out really awesome and a different spin on summer grilling. Try the hazelnut basil pesto skewers recipe from Tablespoon.

Cheesy Potato Stuffed Sausage Burgers


As you probably have realized, I love stuffing burgers. I had this great Jones Dairy Farm Sausage and I was wondering how to make it into a stuffed burger. The first thing I thought of was going with a bangers and mash theme with the burger. I made a cheesy mashed potato that I let cool and harden, and then I stuffed it into the sausage patties. The resulting burgers came out amazing!

Raspberry Kombucha Mojito

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Well, I don't know if anyone else did, but I sure had a lot of fun this week doing all these kombucha posts. Honestly if a single person tried kombucha for the first time because of me then it was all worth it! Thanks for baring with me if you hate kombucha. The thing is, when I get really excited about a food that is new to me, I just need to start exploring it as much as I can, and that's why I did a whole week of these posts.

If you drink kombucha strictly for the medicinal benefits, you might be confused by using it in recipes. Especially in a cocktail! I drink and love kombucha though for its super tasty and refreshing qualities, and I thought it would go great in some boozy mixtures. What's interesting is that kombucha itself usually carries around 0.5% ABV. The line between kombucha and alcoholic beverages is already blurred as a couple breweries are even using kombucha in beer making!

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Asparagus Kombucha Risotto

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When I was brainstorming ideas for what to cook with kombucha, I did a quick google search for recipes with champagne in them. To my palate, champagne, sour beers, and kombucha all have a similar thing going on and if one works in a recipe, the others should too. I saw a lot of champagne risottos which struck me as a little odd because with a small amount of champagne in a risotto you really aren't going to taste it. Sounds like a waste of champagne! I decided to adapt the champagne risotto idea for kombucha, but use some ingredients that would enhance the tea flavor profile, and use a nice amount of it so that you could really taste it in the final dish.

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Kombucha Ceviche

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I've seen orange soda in ceviche before, so I thought that the sour effervescence of kombucha would be a welcome addition to a fresh fish ceviche on a hot night last week. I used GT's "trilogy" kombucha for this recipe which is lemon, raspberry, and ginger, and pretty much one of the best things I have ever tasted. Some fresh peaches and a little bit of habanero helped bring everything together and make this a meal to remember.

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