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Rabbit Pate and Mostarda

Ever since the first time I went to Coppa, I have been mesmerized by Jamie Bissonnette's cooking. Even though Toro is more well known and even has expanded to NYC, Coppa will always be my choice for favorite restaurant in Boston. I can still describe in detail each and every visit which is pretty rare for me when it comes to restaurant experiences. I remember the first time I was there I caught a glimpse of Jamie in the kitchen. At that time I didn't know who he was, but all the servers were running over to him as he was passing out samples of what I am assuming was some delicious cured meat newly unearthed from its resting spot. As much as the meats and pastas stood out to me that night, I remember being really into the mostarda sauce that accompanied a few of my dishes. I wanted to try and make it at home, but I never really found a recipe that I thought was right.

So here we are many years later, and I have a recipe for that very same mostarda! Jamie's cookbook came out last week and I am so excited to cook pretty much everything in it. It feels like this book was written for me and people just like me. I am very strong in the kitchen and I know what I am doing really well, but when it comes to charcuterie, I get a little lost and overwhelmed. I have always wanted to venture more into that relm, and even have on a few occasions, but when I do research, many recipes feel fussy or outdated. This book feels like now. The recipes speak to me and tell me how to do things in a very matter of fact way. They also feel casual and like I can riff off them and not be worried about messing everything up. They aren't all these big curing projects that take months, they are approachable and doable in a much shorter amount of time!

To start with, even though the lemongrass and green curry sausages are right up my alley and looked crazy delicious, I wanted to go with the true spirit of the book and take myself a little outside of my comfort zone with a tasty rabbit and beer pate. The pictures made the dish look absolutely stunning (Nod to Ken Goodman, who also did the photos in my cookbook!) and I couldn't wait to try it! I went out to source my rabbit and got to work.

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Porchetta is normally eaten as a roast for a special occasion dinner, but when I was in Italy recently, we actually had it as a thin sliced sandwich meat. We got some porchetta, salami, and cheese for a train ride from Venice to Florence, and I was completely hooked on the porchetta. I happen to have a commercial meat slicer in my possession, so I thought it would be a fun theme for a party to make some different sliced meats for sandwiches. So here we are, lunchmeat week on TFimB! This porchetta tasted EXACTLY like the one I had in Italy which is pretty lucky because I just sort of winged the recipe. It was fairly easy to make and everyone loved it so I would consider it a big success!

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Mexican chorizo is not really that common in New England, in fact, most people around here think you are talking about the much more common portuguese variety when you say the name. At my burrito shop, we used to get fresh Mexican chorizo that was delicious, but then the supplier kept sending the portuguese stuff by mistake and it was starting to annoy me. We are a burrito shop man! One day we ran out of the mexican kind so I whipped up a quick homemade version after skimming a few recipes. It came out ok, but everyone REALLY liked the stuff we were bringing in much better. This reaction made me really want to make chorizo better than the store bought one, so I tested recipe after recipe for several months until I got it right! Now we not only save money on it, but everyone loves the stuff! If you happen to live close enough to Cafe Burrito, come in and try some on a burrito or taco (it's especially good on our breakfast burritos), But if not, here is the super easy recipe to make some on your own!

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Filipino Pork Belly Adobo

I've been dying to get together with my blogger friend Bianca to cook some Filipino food for years, and the stars finally aligned to make this happen a few weeks ago. She recently quit her job so she could finish up her degree and we realized that we both have Wednesday afternoons completely free. Check out her blog today for more on this same recipe, and again later this week for some other stuff that we cooked that day. Hopefully we can do this again a few more times before her semester is over so I can taste more of this delicious cuisine I have never been exposed to before!

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Udon Pork Belly Carbonara

One day while eating pork belly with udon noodles at an asian food court, I broke the yolk of a beautifully fried egg perched on top and was briefly reminded of carbonara. The quick sauce that the egg yolk formed blended perfectly with the udon and pork belly, just the way it does with the spaghetti and panchetta in the Italian dish. I instantly decided to make an Asian style version of the Italian carbonara, and this is the resulting recipe.

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Crispy P.B.L.T.

The PB stands for Pork Belly. But in that case, all BLT's are PBLT's because bacon is made from pork belly. I saw a Crispy pork belly sandwich in Food and Wine this month, and that same day passed some beautiful pork belly at the Asian market. I knew it was a sign. I didn't really like their recipe however, so I decided to make it my own. Slow cooked in a slightly Korean BBQ sauce, then fried in it's own fat until crispy, this pork belly was fantastic on its own. When placed on a fresh ciabatta with more of that bbq sauce, and some lettuce tomato and mayo, it really became magical.

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Steamed Buns

On Thursday night, Kim wanted some comfort food, but my brain only started with the comfort concept of mac and cheese, and wandered into exotic Thai flavors. On Friday, Mandi and I were trying to think of ways to redeem ourselves with Kim and Rich by making something we could all enjoy a bit more, and was closer to the original comfort food idea. We went the opposite route, by STARTING with exotic dim sum, but filling them with comforting flavors. Mandi and I have done this once before, and it was one of the best things we have ever made! But we never tackled the famous steamed buns, the best of the dim sum family. For this night, we started with some of the dumplings we have made in the past, moved on to some steamed buns with shredded pork belly, and finished with dessert steamed buns!

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Pork Belly Risotto

When I was in New York recently, I went to an Italian restaurant called Bocca. I had a really delicious octopus appetizer, but my meal was the best part. When I saw short rib risotto on the menu I knew I had to get it. This is probably Mandi's ultimate menu find and she would have gotten it had she been there. It was really tasty and as I was eating it I was also studying the flavors so I could bring it to her like a Pachuca Sunrise.

Now, I know I have been making a lot of slow cooked and braised meats in the past month or so, but like Jacques Pepin, I make no apologies for my food related activities. During this time of the year, I CRAVE this type of food. It is warm, comforting, and makes you forget about everything else. This meal was a real winner and was actually pretty easy! (I know I say this all the time and no one agrees with me.)

The dish from the restaurant was short rib, but I just made short ribs twice recently, and also there was some really fresh and delicious looking pork belly at the store so I made the swap. Another difference was that the star of the dish at Bocca was Barolo wine. At home we used Chianti and though we used a lot, we could have put it a little more to intensify the flavor and color. Even with these two subs, this dish was fantastic and I urge everyone to make it!

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Pork Belly Macaroni and Cheese!

Mandi and I had been wanting to make mac and cheese for a week or 2.  We knew we didn't want to go out on the weekend but rather keep it low key so we decided to make the macaroni and cheese on Friday night and watch the top chef I had downloaded.  On Thursday while shopping for tacos, I was minding my own business in the store when what did I see but a pack of beautiful slabs of pork belly!  This is a rare find in Bermuda so I snatched it up without even thinking of what we would do with it.  After brainstorming for a bit, we decided to incorporate it into the mac and cheese we had been craving.  We decided that a BBQ Sauce flavor would help bring the pork belly and mac and cheese together as one.  It is hard for me to do this post today because now I am craving this again! It was one of the best things we have made in a very long time and now im starving for a huge scoop of pork belly mac and cheese! Click below, you will be glad you did