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Naan is the best. I have shown it on a post before, but wanted to put it in my stubble category by itself because we make it almost every time we have Indian. I am going to be adding some more discriptions here later today...

Dissolve packet (.25oz) yeast into 1 cup warm/hot water. Let sit 10 minutes. When frothy, add:
4 Tbsp yogurt
1Tbsp honey
3 and a half cups of flour
Mix and move to a floured surface and kneed for 7 to 8 minutes. Add flour if needed. Form a ball and coat with ghee and let sit in a ghee'd bowl for an hour until doubled in size.
Kneed in minced garlic and form 6 smaller balls. Coat in ghee and let sit for half hour.
Roll them out into flat disks and cover in ghee yet again. Slap onto a preheated cast iron skillet or pan that is 500 degrees. Flip after 1 minute or when bubbles are formed. Brush on some more ghee for the last time. And sprinkle some garlic on there.


Is this supposed to be soft or kind of crunchy. I made it and it was a little too hard to make into a wrap.


hey clara, the final product should be pretty pliable but with little crunchy burnt pieces where it bubbles...

are you kneading it for the full 6-8 mins? make sure to time it cause it takes longer than you might think.

another tip to soften them up is to wrap them up in a nice clean dish towel after they come off the grill and get some butter. the steam from the heat will warm them all up and make them soft just like tortillas do when you wrap them and microwave them...

hope this helps!

Mmm, fresh naan is a favorite for me and my roommates. Sometimes, I can't tell the difference between our naan and our chapatis though. Is there much of a difference to begin with?

Also, I love using chapatis for Indian-style tacos!

Yummy naan! My boyfriend and I are making these tonight and are getting very excited. We love your blog and keep stealing recipes for our suppers - looking forward to the summer again so we can make some pulled pork. The horrid english rain means there is no way we can bbq anything. Thanks

oh this looks so good.

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