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How to Use Lemongrass

Lemongrass is a confusing ingredient to work with. If you use it wrong, you could end up with stringy bits in your meal. Here is how I use it to extract maximum flavor while keeping a texture I enjoy in the final dish.

Looks like drumsticks. These things are pretty firm.

Hold tight, and give a nice smooth slice down the center the long way.

If you break apart the layers, you will notice that the very center layers are tender and bend easily. Get these center layers out and dice them up.

Make sure to dice well because even these parts can be stringy.

To get even more flavor from these guys, put the tougher outsides into whatever you are cooking and take them out later like a bay leaf!


Regarding your bay leaf method, it's generally way easier (particulary if youre doing a curry or anything stewed or brothy) to simply smash the thing with the side of your knife as you would peeling garlic cloves and use that all and remove as you would bay. Though your method is what I was taught in culinary school, crunching into little bits of lemongrass can totally kill a dish for me.

Thanks for the insight! I didn't know that the inside was so tender...I actually ate some raw, shaved in a cucumber salad! I'm going to grow some so I'll always have it on hand! Thanks again! -Marlo

It can also be used to make tea(iced or regular). I'm not sure if you already knew about it, but we use it pretty regular here in Barbados. :)

Extraordinary work right here. We in reality enjoyed what you had to say.

Hey! I LOVE the title of your blog. I have lemongrass in my front yard, courtesy of my mom and dad's plant at their house. We actually use it when we roast chicken. Take a bunch a of leaves (yes, just the leaves!) rinse them, then tie them in a knot. Stuff this into the bird. It will impart a wonderful lemony flavor to your chicken as well as any veggies you might have in the pan! Delish!

I was wondering.. have you ever used lemongrass .. JUST LEMONGRASS.. to make jelly?? I am desperately looking for a simple lemongrass jelly recipe. Also looking for a simple lemongrass ice cream recipe.

I have tons of the stuff in my garden.. want to make the best use of it. Thanks... Mike

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