About Me

aboutlemonWelcome to The Food in my Beard!  I have been doing this for almost 7 years and whether you are a long time reader or new here, I am excited to have you.

The name The Food in my Beard was chosen because it made me and my friends laugh, but it actually is extremely fitting after all these years.  I cook something, I eat it, and then I put it on the blog. So the recipes you see here were in my beard or in my mouth probably only a few days before you are reading them.

The Food in my Beard is my recipe playground, so not every recipe is going to be the best thing you have ever seen, but they all will be interesting, and I think it is fun to play along with the hits and misses.  The Food in my Beard is also a homepage for content I create, so if I post a recipe on another website or do a TV appearance, it will be posted here as well.

There are over 1,000 recipes on The Food in my Beard. I cook anything and everything and have no problem mashing up flavors, techniques, or ideas that normally don’t seem to go together.  If I offend you with some of the combinations or names of dishes, remember it’s all in fun!


Asparagus manDan Whalen is the founder and creator of the popular recipe blog The Food in my Beard. In the past 6 years since the website’s inception, he has published over 1000 recipes that have been viewed over 6 million times. He has been featured in many prestigious publications such as Saveur, Bon Appetit, Serious Eats, Fine Cooking, Boston.com, MSNBC, and Huffington Post.

He currently lives in Boston, where he is writing for the General Mills blog, Tablespoon.com. He also does restaurant menu consulting, the most recent of which is a recently opened burrito and coffee shop called Cafe Burrito in Belmont, MA.

When not working, Dan can usually be found looking for inspiration at indie rock shows, watching scripted TV series, taking classes at Improv Boston, eating out with his friends, or playing Super Mario.



I love to hear from you guys, so feel free to contact me for any reason at all!