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Potato Skin Burger


I once made a burger with essentially a french fry as the bun. It came out pretty good but it wasn't as amazing as I had hoped. I recently was out with a friend and they came up with the idea of using potato skins as the buns of a burger and my brain just said yes! This is what I was supposed to do instead of fries! The thing about the skins is that there is a pocket area that the juices of the burger can get trapped and absorbed whereas on a french fry the juices just run right off onto your plate. Also it means lots of cheese bacon and sour cream.

I'm not an expert on potato skins but I am pretty particular when I make them. First I cook whole potatoes until they're not quite completely done. Then I very carefully pull out the centers and try and scrape pretty close to the skin. Too much actual potato on a potato skin can be a real bummer. There is a very fine line though because if you break all the way through it isn't going to work as your burger bun. You might want to have an extra potato on hand in case you mess one up.

Then I flip them over, brush them with oil, and put them into the oven as hot as it can go to simulate a frying situation.

See how the edges got a nice defined brown ring? Then fill them up with cheese and bacon.

I waited until the skins came out of the oven before throwing the burgers onto the grill.

Just ground beef with salt and pepper on the outside only.

Sour cream goes on the skins before the burger. Also if I had chives they would have gone on here too.

Top with a second skin.

These burgers. So good.

They could be held like a regular burger no problem! Looks like just your average burger.

Also this is a fun option for people with gluten allergies.

That's a good burger!

It's funny cause this combo goes so well together but is not something you would normally see served this way.


the Whole30 community is going to love you.

This is an awesome idea! Time-saver, too... now you don't have to eat french fries. Well, unless you want to. ;)

Oh my gosh. This must be made.

This is one of the best idea I ever read..:) thank you soo much for sharing ideas..:)

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