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Lobster Roll Banh Mi


These sandwiches sparked a really interesting debate. They were very good sandwiches, and they all got devoured pretty quick, but lobster is definitely one of those ingredients that people are purists about. The whole state of Maine will shun you if you put an ounce of celery in a lobster roll! My friends were all a little preoccupied about the lobster not exactly being the star of this sandwich, and I can understand that thought especially when you are dealing with something as delicious and expensive as lobster can be. If you read this site at all though, you know that no ingredient or dish is sacred here. I don't mind pissing off a whole country with a misplaced drop of cream in a carbonara, and I don't mind using lobster in fun new and creative ways, especially when the results can be as delicious as this!

Big lobsters!

Mayo, coconut milk, fish sauce, and mint.

Keep the dressing light!

The usual suspects for a banh mi.

The lobster is so good with this simple dressing!

The bread was lightly toasted on the outside, and then stuffed with all the tasty ingredients!

These sandwiches were excellent! Summery and light but really addicting. Once you took the first bite it was hard to put down!

Fiona, a real live Vietnamese person, gave these the authentic stamp of approval!

The lobster was dressed lightly with coconut milk, mayo, fish sauce, and fresh mint. The rolls were lightly toasted on the outside, and filled with cucumber, cilantro, chile peppers, and pickled carrot and radish. The radish and carrot were heavily salted and sat for about a half hour. Then I rinsed them off and put them into a jar with vinegar, a pinch of sugar, and a clove of garlic. They were ready to use after a few hours.


I just had a banh mi at Myers + Chang and it was great but I think this looks even better!

I thought you pissed off the bahn mi purists, they're almost as rabid as the lobster police! Looks awesome to me!

Hi Dan, we love lobster with everything!!! Your Lobster Roll Banh Mi looks ridiculously delicious and we wish would have one or two right now :)

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