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Hummus Quinoa Cakes


This post brought to you by Sabra Dipping Co, LLC.

I wanted to use hummus to make something that was falafel-like and very easy to make. I knew I would have trouble achieving that toothsome crunchiness of a true falafel, so I thought of using cooked quinoa as the main ingredient to get that desired texture. It actually worked even better than I thought! The quinoa on the edges that got browned up were perfectly crunchy, and the insides of these patties were creamy and juicy with just enough bite. I served these falafel style in a fresh pita with cucumber salsa, lettuce, and tzatziki.

I used the tahini hummus from Sabra for this recipe and it gave the cakes a really nice flavor, but you could do it with any variety you like.  Just mix it into the cooked quinoa along with an egg and a little bit of breadcrumbs and you are ready to go.

Nice and thick

Scoop them out onto the flat grill or frying pan to brown them up.

That is the color you are looking for.

The flavor on this thing is just what you are craving for lunch right now, and it is very filling and protien packed for a vegetarian sandwich.


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Hummus Quinoa Cakes
2 cups cooked quinoa (about 3/4 cups raw should will get you that amount)
1/2 cup Sabra Tahini Hummus (you can use whatever variety you want)
1 egg
1/4 cup breadcrumbs
Mix the ingredients. Allow to sit for 15 minutes to harden. Cook on a flat grill or in a frying pan with a little oil until well browned and firmed up, about 7 minutes a side. Serve in a pita with lettuce, cucumber salsa, and tzatziki.

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I actually made these last night and they were great! Seeing this post in my RSS gave me falafel cravings all day, but when I got home it turned out that I had everything to make these.

Not sure why, but this was the third " falafel-ish" recipe that showed up in my reader within two weeks.

I'd made a big container of hummus last night, and used some of it to make these cakes tonight. No pita in the house, but they were still wonderful crumbled over (homemade) yogurt and chopped tomato. This recipe is a keeper!

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