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Stuffed Cookbook Christmas Gift Promotion!


Great news for everyone who wanted to give Stuffed as a Christmas gift, but realized that the January release date is just a little too late. The first 200 people who purchase Stuffed, and send their proof of purchase receipts to, will receive a Christmas card, a signed bookplate to stick into Stuffed when it arrives, and a recipe card with the Mac and Cheese Burger recipe! This will all come in plenty of time to give as a Christmas gift as a way of saying thanks and letting people know their gift will arrive in a few weeks. You can preorder the book on Amazon or Barnes and Noble for only 15 bucks!

I haven't talked too much about Stuffed on the blog yet, other than just to hint that it exists, so let me get into it here for a minute. Stuffed: The Ultimate Comfort Food Cookbook is my first cookbook. It is published under Page Street Publishing and comes out on January 14th. The cookbook is 75% totally new content that has never been seen on this blog. The other 25% is the best of the best that the blog has ever seen, and the recipes have been re-tested, re-photographed, and detailed perfectly (unlike my normal lazy recipe style often seen here). As the title suggests, everything in the cookbook has been stuffed, and if you know my blog at all, you know that the combinations are totally wild, creative, and delicious, without being gimmicky

I recently recieved my super early advance copy of the book, and even though I wrote the thing, and was on site cooking for the photo shoots, I was absolutely speechless when I first saw the finished product. There are around 115 clever and creative stuffed recipes, with over half of them featuring stunning photography (with a few glamour, and un-glamour, shots of yours truly). The book works not only as a great go-to cookbook, but also a food-porn laden coffee table book that will spark conversation and future dinner parties featuring some of the recipes.

If you are waiting to pre-order this book because you can't get it in time for the holidays, hopefully this promotion will change your mind. If you are waiting to pre-order this book because you think it makes no difference if you order it now or later, it actually is WAY more helpful to me to have higher pre-order numbers, so please pre-order! If you haven't pre-ordered yet because you think that the book will just feature recipes from the blog, I hope I already covered that that just isn't the case.

As always, I just want to say thanks to all the fans for being there and making this cookbook possible. I will be talking about this thing non-stop for the next several months, because I want my second book to be a reality (I'm already working on it, but can't talk about that yet!) So please bear with me, but know that I will try my hardest to not let the book launch effect my regular posting schedule!


Already preordered it and sent in my receipt.
I'm so excited for this cookbook, you have no idea. You're the reason why I cook for myself as much as I do. I'm also spreading the word to my friends and family to order your cookbook. It's gonna be awesome.

I am so excited for this! It has been sitting on my Amazon wish list for weeks (months?) now. I am hoping my husband or father in law get the not so subtle hints I have been providing and preorder!

I can't wait! What a fun stocking stuffer!
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