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The Burgerrito


Anytime a recipe not only combines two foods, but forms a perfect portmanteau out of their combined names, you KNOW it's a winner. The Burgerrito was no exception. This thing packed soo much flavor and walked the line between burger and burrito perfectly.

Stirring caramelized onions into the rice helped drive home the burger flavor. I also mixed black beans in so they would be easier to manage and not falling everywhere.

A little cumin, salt, and pepper to coat the burgers.

Lettuce goes right into the salsa.

You know it's gonna be good!

Roll it up into more of a round shape instead of the usual tube.


The salsa was tomato, onion, lettuce, lime and garlic. I just bought some chipotle sauce, and whipped up a real simple guac with only garlic, cilantro, salt and lime. The rice was 2 cups cooked basmati with 4 caramelized onions and about half a can of black beans. Rub the burger patties with some salt, cumin, and black pepper and grill to medium. Melt the chihuahua cheese on top. Heat up the wraps, lay some rice in the center, then the burger, then the chipotle sauce, guac, and salsa. Wrap it up to form a more sphere-like burrito instead of the usual tube shape.


Yes, please!!

I must say, you are so creative. This looks so delicious. I think I can have it for lunch every day. It is so versatile. The ingredients can be change daily with our own preferences. And I like the most, it is so easy and convenient to eat, can enjoy this almost anywhere any time. Thanks for the great idea. :)

Saw this post as I was flipping through my feeds and had to stop, click through, and share - this place is near my son's boarding school, and when I was down there visiting one weekend, we went hunting to find it -- Burgerittoville! Food was decent, but it was the name that was intriguing enough to make it worth the excursion!

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