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Saltala-Maki Roll


While watching a late season Red Sox game on ESPN a few weeks ago, I noticed that one of my favorite announcers John Kruk seemed to be having trouble with Jarrod Saltalamacchia's last name. He kept calling him Saltamaki, and all I could think was mmm sounds like a nice sushi roll. When setting out to make the Saltala-Maki Roll, I was first thinking salt cod, but I couldn't formulate it into something that wasn't either A. bacalao fritters, or B. disgusting. I kind of got stuck on it for a few days, until I decided to switch the focus onto something else really salty. Once I thought of using potato chips, the whole thing came together perfectly!  I'm thrilled to have the Sox back in the Postseason this year as I live only a few blocks from Fenway.  There is nothing like the excitement in my neighborhood on game day!   And I even have tickets to game 2 this Sunday night. Go Sox!

Seeing all the sliced potatoes soaking in the water is a pretty solid indication that it's going to be a good night.

A quick fry.

Ohhhhhh yea. I made two times more than I needed cause I knew that Mandi and I would eat half of them straight out of the fryer.

Smash up the chips into small bits.

Lay the chips out onto the rolling surface. Top with the rice then the fillings. I used zucchini and salmon.


Oh man these are sooooo good. The chips stay crunchy as long as you eat it somewhat soon after rolling. The sriracha goes great with the chips, almost like dipping them into a spicy ketchup.

The chips don't even overpower the salmon because it has a stronger flavor than most raw fish.

If you want to learn how to make potato chips or perfect sushi rice, it's all over the web and explained way better than I ever could. To make these rolls, crunch up the potato chips, then lay a very thin layer of sushi rice on them. Put some salmon and cooked zucchini in the center and roll it up so the potato chips are on the outside of the roll. Cut it into pieces and serve with sriracha and soy sauce. These should be eaten fairly quickly so the chips don't get too soggy. (Within a half hour)


Hah remember how awful I was at that sushi making class? Now I am craving sushi! Crushed potato chips is an awesome idea.

Can't wait to make it... I can taste "spicy ketchup" already.

As always... good job!

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