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Dirty Pesto Q-tips Video


Yesterday I had a great time hanging out in Western, Ma at Mass Appeal. I made some really fun stuff for a Halloween Cocktail party with Ashley and Seth. My favorite of the bunch was this simple pesto served with mozzarella dippers, but presented in a really gross but fun way. I even made the ear shaped bowl because obviously! I got to say "this would be so awesome in an earbowl, I need to have an earbowl" on TV. Watch the video below to see all the fun recipes!


Amazingly gross! Love the Q-tips!

FoodNerd x

Amazing Dan! Love the ear bowl!

Great job! You looked like a natural. The end was hilarious!

Brilliant. So different from all of the other Halloween themed foods out there. I'm imagining the same idea, but with marshmallows and a brownish dip (made with caramel, or peanut butter perhaps) as a dessert idea...

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